Denmark Fire Fighters ask for First Responder training
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

“When the fire department pulls up on an accident scene people expect us to do something,” Denmark Fire Chief Charles Breland told Denmark City Council members at their August 16, meeting. Breland said for that reason several members of the department have requested first responder training.

“We’re not first responders, EMTs or Paramedics. Several people would like to take a first responders course to learn safety, basic first aid, stop the bleeding,” Breland said.

The fire chief noted that in responding to a serious accident on Highway 70 and Guess Drive a couple of weeks ago Denmark fire personnel had to “stand around 30-45” before they could respond.

“People expect us to do something. This is something we want to look into with the help of council and get some first responders.” Breland said. Councilmember Hope Long-Weldon asked Breland how many people were interested in the first responder training.

Chief Breland stated that 10 or 12 members of the department were interested in the training and he had spoken with Martha Hammett of the Bamberg County EMS, who was looking at starting a combined class with the Hunters Chapel and Govan Fire Departments.

Breland commented that the Denmark Fire Department was one of the few departments in the county that had no first responders. “I’m not a young man, if something happen to me, I want someone there on the scene that can help me.”

Also during the meeting:

. Chief Breland reported for the period of July 19-August 6 the department responded to 14 fire calls, two structure fires, three automobile fires, three false alarms, two trash debris fires, one mutual aid and assisted Voorhees College with a bee problem. The fire department is averaging 9-10 members per call with 30 members in the department. The department will be losing two certified fire fighters in Gene and Stacey Frank, who will be moving to Anderson SC. soon the chief said.

. City Finance Director Rusty Munoz gave a one month’s report on the city’s budget that showed intergovernmental revenues were down 15 percent from last year.

. Police Chief Leroy Grimes reported that the department created 69 cases files for the month. The chief noted the passing of City of Bamberg Police Officer Eric Bamberg and stated that several Denmark Police Officers were planning to attend the Funeral on Friday.

. The public works department reported that six-water line leaks were repaired and two valves repairs.

. Mayor Gerald Wright reported he was “quite impressed” with the two new wells upon his visitation two weeks ago. The mayor described the wells as being “very sophisticated and high tech” and were very close to being online. When the new wells are brought on-line the present wells will be used for back-ups. “ I was very pleased it doesn’t solve all our problems, how ever we will be able to supply water in adequate amounts,” Wright said.