In This Weeks Edition: 08-04-2010

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City honors retired Municipal Judge

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

The city of Bamberg hosted a retirement luncheon for retiring City of Bamberg Municipal Judge Franklin Gibson on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. at city hall. A number of city and county employees were on hand to express their appreciation to Judge Gibson, who served the city as municipal judge for more than 50-years.

“We’re going to miss you, we’ve enjoyed it and appreciate it,” Bamberg Chief of Police George Morris said; “Thank you for your service to the county and city,” Bamberg County Chief Magistrate Craig Threatt, who will replace Gibson as City of Bamberg Municipal Judge effective August 1. Threatt added, “You brought me up from nowhere, congratulations on your retirement.”

City of Bamberg Clerk/Treasurer Bruce Watson credited Gibson with helping to improve the quality of life and promoting economic development in Bamberg by ordering the removal and destruction of from 80-100 rundown and dilapidated buildings in the city.

“He saw the need to clean up the city,” Watson said. “He cleaned up the town. I never heard anybody say a bad word about him, congratulations on your retirement.” Bamberg Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Foster noted the fairness Gibson has shown as a judge.

“I hope you enjoy your retirement, you really have been fair,” Foster said. Bamberg City Councilmember Bo Griffin said that his father always taught him to be a gentleman. Griffin said that when he asked his father for an example of a gentleman, his father point to Judge Franklin Gibson as a “true gentleman.”

Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office Victim’s Advocate Patricia Williams thanked Judge Gibson for what he has done for the victims of crime over the years.

“You were always fair. Thank you on behave of the victims," Williams said.

Conner crowned 2010 Miss Schuetzenfest

Pansy Clayton, Ehrhardt Correspondent

Sarah "Savannah" Connor was crowned 2010 Miss Schuetzenfest at Saturday night's pageant in Ehrhardt. She is the daughter of Jay and Pamela Conner of Branchville and granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. Annette Dwight of Bamberg.

This year's pageant was the biggest event the Schuetzenfest Committee has had in many years.

"It was the best one we've ever had" said Flucie and Hallman Sease.

There were 28 beautiful contestants this year competing for the titles and the gowns were gorgeous.

Emcee Dr. Mark Sease told the judges he would not have their job for anything because the girls in every category were stunning and it would be a hard decision.

Each winner received a bouquet of red roses and a trophy. There were 5 categories...Miss, Teen Miss, Young Miss, Little Miss and Wee Miss.

There were 5 winners.....Sarah "Savannah" Connor, Miss Schuetzenfest; Teen Miss, Hannah Lynn Platt; Young Miss, Lindsey Darnell; Little Miss, Carolina Antley; and Wee Miss, Macey Bonnette.

The 1st runners up were: Miss, Kelsey Robinson; Teen Miss, Ansley Lynn Judy; Young Miss, Carey Elizabeth Herndon; Little Miss, Morgan Grace Wallling; and Wee Miss, McKenzie Beard.

These beauty contests started with Ann Kinard being crowned 1st Miss Schuetzenfest in 1976. Because of Martha Harrison and Angelia Breland and others in the town of Ehrhardt and a lot of hard work the Schuetzenfest Pageant and Festival are still here after 35 years and is an asset to the town.

Mikki Ehrhardt Murden and the late Nancy Peters have been loyal Schuetzenfest workers among others. The Festival takes a lot of hard work from a committee dedicated to keeping it alive and moving along. Flucie Sease made the comment at the latest Schuetzenfest meeting....."No one knows how many hours Angelia Breland worked with this Festival. We all owe her a world of thanks."