Arizona Immigrants Law A Good One

The President of Mexico spoke recently to members of the United States House of Representatives chastising the State of Arizona, its people, its legislature and Governor for passing legislation to deal with illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico. It was rather sickening when the Democrats in the House rose to applaud his remarks.

The Mexican President is a foreigner who allows the unemployed in his country to come to America where they can be provided with healthcare, education, food, housing and other benefits that sometimes are not provided to our own citizens. Then he tells us how we should defend our sovereignty while most of the Democrats cheer him on. Apparently, he has not read the law regarding illegal immigrants or does not care because it affects his people.

The only pleasant part of the entire episode was watching some of those doing the applauding admit that they had not even read the 17 page law adopted in Arizona in an effort to protect their state. There was a lot of stuttering and stammering going on.

If this recent episode does not fan the flames of voter discontent in our nation nothing will. Surely those of us on the right are not the only ones seeing this horror story unfold. The soul of our country is being outsourced largely due to the efforts of President Obama and the liberal Democrats. Mexico President Calderon’s visit to the U.S. served no purpose other than to give Obama another opportunity to apologize for the so called racially motivated Arizona legislation and give Calderon a chance to agree with him.

For the remainder of this column lets take a close look at the Tea Party who influenced Scott Brown’s winning Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Massachusetts special election. Also Chris Christie of Virginia and Bob McDonnell of Virginia owe their election victories in some part to the participation of Tea Party activists.

Some folks think the Tea Party is an actual political party such as the Republicans and Democrats. The Tea Party is a movement that believes our country is headed towards socialism, that we are taxed enough already, that government spending is out of control, that federal debt is at a record level and still growing and that government is becoming far to intrusive in our lives.

As we know government has bailed out many businesses including insurance companies , auto makers, banks and others with our tax dollars and most likely with the tax dollars of our grandchildren. Some of the above led to the organization of Tea Parties on April 15, 2009 that are patterned to a degree after the Boston Tea Party.

Liberals viewed this outpouring of our citizens unrest in many curious and various ways, some politicians even suggesting that they did not have the right to assemble and protest. Some chose to ignore the movement, others dismissed it as a short lived thing and some others described the participants as ignorant, flawed, and led around by the nose by conservative talk show host. Even when a million or so Americans paid their own way to converge on Washington some bureaucrats and the liberal media tried to pretend nothing important was happening.

The New York Times, along with CBS, conducted a poll exploring the demographics of the Tea Party. The reporting of the finding was mostly fair and accurate and listed the following results, among other things: “Supporters of the Tea Party are better educated, wealthier and more conservative.” Most of us knew without the poll being conducted that they were more conservative.

My position on issues all of my life has been from the conservative standpoint and nothing will ever change that. May all of you who share conservative views join with all other conservatives in this great nation and do all we can to keep the liberal movement from constantly attempting to tear our country apart and lead us towards socialism.