In This Weeks Edition: 05-12-2010

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Hay Outstanding Deputy

Jerry Durgan, Contributing Writer

Major Ben Hay was named Outstanding Deputy for 2010with the Chief Deputy Charles H. Grimes, Jr. Annual Memorial Award last week.

“After the death of Chief Deputy Charles Grimes, Jr.,” Sheriff Ed Darnell said, “We established the Chief Deputy Charles H. Grimes, Jr. Annual Memorial Award to recognize outstanding achievement of the Sheriff’s Department.

Chief Deputy Charles Grimes passed away May 9, 2007 “after 41 years of outstanding service to the county," Darnell said. “Wewanted to have a continuing remembrance of Deputy Chief Grimes for a job well done, so we established the Outstanding Deputy of the year with the Chief Deputy Charles H. Grimes, Jr. Annual Memorial Award.

In 2008, Captain Eddie Williams was named Outstanding Deputy Sheriff. In 2009 recognition was given to Major George Folk. “In this, the third year of naming an Outstanding Deputy, Major Ben Hay was recognized for his dedication and service to the citizens of Bamberg County. For ten years,” Darnell said, “Major Hay has proven to be an outstanding deputy, giving service to this office as Investigator, doing an outstanding job gathering and providing evidence, testifying in court cases in the County, and providing security to the residents of Bamberg County. Major Hay is a fine example of service to the County and the State.”

Major Hay is married to Tori Breland Hay. They have one daughter, Breland Hay.

BPW Health Screenings

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Because of liability issues Bamberg Board of Public Workers Commissioners were told they need to avoid sponsoring an on-site work out facility for their employees or making contributions to a gym membership. Instead of having an on-site work facility for employees or making contributions to a gym membership, Commissioners will look at sponsoring health screenings for BPW workers.

“We found out from the insurance carrier in looking at a facility for our employees to work out, the insurance carrier said don’t do it,” Board of Public Works General Manager Bruce Ellis told Commissioners at their May 3, meeting. Ellis said that if someone hurt their back lifting weights it would be covered under Workman’s Compensation because it is a service provided by the company.

BPW Assistant Manager Will Martin said that he received some basic information from the Municipal Association that said most companies are going away for on-site fitness facilities because if an employee gets hurt in a facility or in a gym membership you sponsor, “it could come back to bite you.”

It was noted that the Regional Medical Center offers a wellness center where they perform blood screenings, provide health profiles, make health recommendations, and provide educational and information sessions to employers. The cost for the health screenings are estimated to cost between $40 and $45 per employee and it was also noted that the insurance company would pay approximately $300 per person for a screening.

Board of Public Works Commissioner Buddy Sandifer, who brought up the idea of sponsoring a wellness program for employees at last month’s meeting, said he like what he heard about the program. “I think we should pursue it, looking out for our employees the best way we can, because you don’t know what you might pick up on,” Sandifer said.

Martin said that he hoped to have a finalized health screening program to present to the Commissioners at next month’s board meeting.