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Southern Hospitality

Dear Editor,

Today, I had business to handle in Bamberg, S. C. After arriving I had to wait for about an hour before my business was finished. I drove to the local Hardees restaurant and discovered I had lost my debit card. So, like everyone else in America, I dug through my car and found some change. I walked inside and told the lady behind the counter I had lost my debit card and I would be paying her in change, at that moment, the manager, Dwayne Searson, came and told me that my meal was on him. I couldn't believe it. This rarely happens these days. I want the people of Bamberg to know that they have some good GODLY people in their community.

This is just to say Thank You to Mr. Searson for his gracious generosity.

And thank you to the staff at the Bamberg County Magistrates Office, they are very professional, and they are very knowledgeable in the job they do for you, the citizens.

In all the people I have met in your town and conducted business with, they have all been, GOD FEARING TRUE SOUTHERNERS.

I would consider it a pleasure to call Bamberg, S.C., my home and you should feel very proud that you, do, call it HOME.

Patsy Willing, Aiken, S. C.

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