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Bamberg County Memorial Hospital CFO Carl Menist stated at the end of his report to County Council at their February 1, meeting that the hospital ended 2009 with net revenues of approximately $500,000.

Councilmember Clair P. Guess III told Menist “congratulations”, Menist responded “congratulations to you it’s your hospital.”

Menist reported that for the month of December the average daily census in the hospital was 13.1 which was a 32 percent increase over November which he noted was a slow month. Surgeries were up “markedly” from 243 to 347 which represented a 43 percent increase. Laboratory work, X-rays and Emergency Room visits were also up the month of December resulting in a profit of $13,820 for the month.

First quarter overall profit was approximately $117,000. Year-to-date patient volume is up 4.4 percent from 1,172 patient days compared to 1,123 for the same time last year. Surgeries increased by 11 percent from 780 to 866. Net revenue for the first three months was $4.9 million compared to $5.1 million that was budgeted for, which represented a difference of $26,000. “So we were pretty close, we are pretty much on track,” Menist said.

Also during the meeting:

. County Finance Director Thomas Thomas reported that the county has collected year-to-date 49 percent of its estimated budget which represents approximately six months. Revenue collected in December was $2.7 million which represented a 37 percent increase compared to last month year-to-date. Thomas reported that as of now the county has spent about 56 percent of its total budget. Council members wanted to know how much money remained in the county’s contingency fund. It was reported that approximately $25,000 remained in the account.

. County Administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott reported that 260 people saved 27.6 percent by using the Medco Prescription Discount Drug Program card. “The word is getting out,” Dobson-Elliott said. Adding, “Three people applied for the card today. We’re seeing a steady increase in the use of the program.” The Administrator noted that the county qualified as the lowest out of 46 counties in the state on workman compensation and received approximately $4,000 back on its workman compensation estimate. The $4,000 refund was noted to represent an overall savings to the county of $23,000.

. Council members passed on second reading a proposed ordinance to implement an additional assessment on building permit fees for new and existing structures in Bamberg County. It was noted that new construction or remodeling of $1,000 and less no fee will be charged unless an inspection is required in which case a $30.00 fee shall be charged. Wireless telecommunication towers will be charged $ 3,000 (for new construction towers) $1,500.00 (for Co-Locations on existing tower structures) This fee will include the plan review fee.

. Also during the meeting Council approved: A proposed written meeting schedule notice of the Bamberg County Council meetings for the calendar year 2010; Approved assignment of Bamberg County Council 2010 Committee Appointments; Approved a proposed resolution to recognize the service of former County Councilman Clayton L. Jolly Representative from County Council District #3 and Approved a proposed resolution to recognize the accomplishments of United States Astronaut Robert L. Satcher, Jr., a former resident of Denmark, South Carolina.

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