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Be heard on the future of your healthcare system

The Bamberg and Barnwell County Councils, with support of their respective hospital boards, have formally opened a discussion on how they can collaborate to improve the healthcare system for the two counties and their surrounding region. “We stand at the doorway of opportunity to ensure that quality healthcare remains available locally,” said Don Alexander Chair of the Barnwell County Hospital Board. “We want to hear from our citizens, physicians, and others who provide care or want the best care for themselves and their families. It is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s era of specialized healthcare to operate as an independent rural hospital.”

The leaders of the Councils and Boards have asked Stroudwater Capital, an independent advisor retained by both counties, to meet directly with and listen to the ideas of interested citizens and health professionals. “The Bamberg County Board of Trustees maintains that our goal is to have a viable, state-of-the-art healthcare system available and accessible to our citizens. Health care has gone through many changes globally and locally. It is imperative that we leave the past in the past and move forward. In order to move forward we need the input from our citizens. We want our citizens to feel comfortable talking to these independent ‘listeners’ from Stroudwater, who will gather information from the public. ,” said Lou- Ann P. Carter Chair of the Bamberg Hospital Board.

Dr. Danette McAlhaney, a family practice physician and member of the Bamberg Hospital Board, said “We can use all this input to help our public officials adopt a set of Community Objectives for a cooperative healthcare delivery model. Together, we will design evaluation criteria in the best interests of the patients we serve and all residents who want a healthy community.”

Dr. M. O. Khan, a surgeon and Medical Staff representative on the Barnwell County Hospital Board, said “We know that we have quality healthcare available now but we would like to be able to provide additional medical services such as orthopedics, urology, or cardiology. Increased healthcare services for our patients would mean shorter drive times for those patients needing these types of specialized medical care.” “These two counties will face a historic decision process for the development of an optimal and sustainable healthcare delivery system that will be here to serve the Low Country’s residents for many years to come, protecting their health and driving general economic improvement,” said Joseph Lupica, President of Stroudwater Capital. “We have assigned several colleagues, from our firm, including a medical doctor, to attend the private listening sessions and to perform the considerable research and analysis our clients have requested,” he added.

As they visit Barnwell and Bamberg Counties from time-to- time over the next several weeks and months to conduct their analysis, Stroudwater’s team will also hold “office hours” for face-to-face meetings with the residents of Bamberg and Barnwell Counties, privately or in small groups, who are served by their respective county hospitals.

Any community member who wishes to speak confidentially with a member of the Stroudwater team can call Denice Parler, Executive Assistant to the CEO at Bamberg County Hospital at (803) 245-6228, or Ella O’Berry, Administrative Assistant to the CEO Barnwell County Hospital at (803) 541- 4365 so that you can be contacted for an appointment during the upcoming “office hours” time blocks as they become available.


Stroudwater Capital, together with its consulting and development units, applies a unique combination of thought leadership and hands-on implementation capabilities to lead its clients through large-scale change. Founded in Portland, Maine in 1985, Stroudwater also has offices in Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, and Phoenix.

The majority of the firm's clients are not-for-profit and governmental acute-care hospitals, tertiary/academic medical centers, long-term care providers, physician organizations, and rural health providers. Because Stroudwater's principals have practical experience working within the non-profit, corporate, investment banking, and public sectors before joining Stroudwater, they bring more than theory to their engagements.

In an environment of change, health care leaders rely on Stroudwater's advice so they can seize timely opportunities to achieve and fund their community objectives for healthcare services.

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