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We must not forget…9-11

It has been eight years since the terrible September 11, 2001 tragedies occurred.

We should always remember what took place that day when nearly 3000 people died and we should never think that it will not ever happen again.

Since that time our country has experienced a lot of changes…a war…a recession…a new president … the list could keep going on.

But, let us stop here and remember the great loss of life that took place on that day and remember the loved ones who were left behind.

Yes, even I thought that such an event being struck by terrorist would never happen right here in America…on our own soil.

I was at work that day, at the newspaper, when my boss came running through the building, shouting that the World Trade Center had been hit by a commercial jetliner and it was believed to have been instigated by terrorists. It was not long after that that another attack took place on the Pentagon building.

Well, that did it for me. I immediately went home and turned on my television and actually witnessed the second attack on the number two tower on the Trade Center.

All of a sudden I did not feel safe anymore. That sense of security, that I had always had because I lived in the United States of America, was suddenly gone.

How could such a thing as this happen right here in our country? It was unreal and shocking to know that the United States was that vulnerable, but on the same token, it became a rude awakening for all of us.

Sometimes, even in the face of tragedy, good things evolve in the aftermath.

One of the most important things that occurred after 9-11-01 was the fact that our country came together as one and all the little things did not seem to matter any more. We were all in this thing together and we, as Americans, would and did survive the attacks.

Never again should we take for granted that we are above and beyond such an eye-opener as this.

President Bush immediately went to work on making our country more secure and began to hunt down the terrorists and all those who were involved in the attacks. He vowed this would never happen again and launched an attack on terrorism… and so far it has worked and no more attacks on such as this have occurred.

Numerous attempts of terrorism have been stopped. We should never let our guard down ever again.

As Americans, we must always remember and never forget what happened on September 11, 2001 and pray that President Obama will continue to do what President Bush did in fighting the war on terrorism to keep us all safe…God bless America!

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