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Tribute to Mrs. Kathleen Copeland

Dear Editor,

We were deeply saddened by the death of Mrs. Kathleen Copeland and express our heart felt sympathy. We owe a debt of gratitude and express our sincere appreciation for what this family has done for the Town of Ehrhardt. As a result of this family we have a pretty landscaped park on our Main Street (Copeland Park) which they continually work in and donate to the town for its upkeep.

A couple of years ago when we exhausted all our hope for getting a ball park for our young and old to play on, the Copeland Family came to our rescue and donated a 3 plus acre tract land which houses an extremely nice and well lighted ball field. Both of these are tremendous assets for our Town and Community.

Words can never express our sincere appreciation for what this family has done for our little Town and Community.

William C. Stanley, Mayor of Ehrhardt

Thank You!

Dear Editor,

I appreciate you allowing me to use your space to render my heartfelt thank you to Salkehatchie Group #1 for the excellent job of remodeling my home located at 102 Presbyterian St. within the city of Bamberg.

My thanks goes out to Rev. Webb of Trinity United Methodist Church along with his congregation and the many volunteers and my grandson Chandler McDonald.

Thanks to the First Baptist Church and Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church for their assistance to the Salkehatchie work groups.

I would like to issue a loving thank you to five special friends: one is a male co-worker who helped things fall into place. One is a female from the County Court House who visited every morning and brought gifts. One female who personally delivered the rocking chair and a gentleman who rides around in his gray truck and frequents Hardees. Also, a very dear friend who has come in and hung ceiling fans and pictures for me.

In closing with out calling names for fear that someone would be omitted, I and my family say thank you and God Bless you all.

To the Mothers and Fathers and Families of Salkehatchie Group 1 both adults and children I truly love you all and plan to keep in touch. My group consisted of persons from the upper and lower regions of South Carolina. Again thanks to all and donít let me forget my friend in the white van.

Paulette H. McDonald, Bamberg, S.C.

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