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Good Samaritans

Dear Editor,

One evening several weeks ago, some of my family and I traveled to Charleston MUSC to visit an ill relative. Before heading home we stopped to eat, causing us to be late in returning home. Somewhere between Jacksonboro and Walterboro on Highway 64, we came upon road work that was being conducted. We thought it was odd to see the road crew out that late at night and were not too happy about the inconvenience that we had to endure while we waited for the flagman to wave us on. As we finally passed through the construction, the car started making odd noises but we kept going down the long desolate stretch of highway only to have our vehicle run out of gas due to a faulty fuel gauge. We made several attempts to reach family to come to our aid via cell phone, but couldn’t reach anyone.

As we were discussing what we would do next, two highway construction workers appeared on the scene. Once learning of our dilemma, they were able to call another worker who just happened to have some gas in a can and a funnel. He not only put the gas in our car but also refused any type of payment. We were able to go on to Walterboro where we filled up with gas.

We were in a vulnerable situation and could have been the recipient of harm instead of help. This act of kindness by these good Samaritans reinforces my belief that we do, in fact, have a guardian angel that watches over us. I do not believe that those workers just happened to show up. I believe they were sent by God to our location. As we read the newspaper and watch the media tell us about how our world is collapsing around us and how demoralized man has become, it is a blessing to realize that God is still on the throne and continues to rise up people who care about others and are willing to help in time of need.

Allen Searson, Ehrhardt, S.C.

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