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South Carolinians across the state are expressing their opinions on whether South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford should keep his job after leaving the country without notifying anyone and last Thursday admitting in a news conference to having an affair with a woman in Argentina.

Likewise, there is no shortage of opinion in this area of the state as to what the Governor’s next move should be.

Do you think Governor Mark Sanford should continue serving as Governor of South Carolina?

A number of people made comments on the Governor’s situation, but did not want to go on record. Some of those who did not want to speak on the record said that it was a “sad personal matter” and they felt for his family. While others said that he was being a “typical politician” and others thought that jobs for the citizens of the state should be the real concern.

However, a number of people were willing to share their opinions on what the Governor’s future should be.

Ceira Young a fourth year college student said, “ Personally with the affair that has been brought to light, I think, like with him being in the leadership position he is in, what kind of example is he setting for future leaders by going out and doing this?” “Also you’ve got to understand that he has a responsibility with his family but he also has a responsibility with the state,” Young said. “And you up and leave saying that you’re this place and you’re all the way across the world that’s a bad example. We’re taught that we must follow before we can lead. I don’t think with his leadership is going to be good. We can only go down from here. Personally, I’m not a Republican, but I think when you do stuff in your personal life that affects the whole state, that’s not good leadership. As a student, getting ready to graduate, he’s not showing me what he’s trying to do for me, he’s showing what he’s trying to do for himself,” Young added. “I think it’s best for him to sign his resignation papers and call it a day.”

Bobby Hightower, a carpenter said, “I think he should continue as Governor. He should be reprimanded, but, I think he’s been a great Governor so far.” Adding that “People do wrong things from time-to-time, I’m not saying what he done was right, but I think he should keep his job.”

Henry Robinson, working with Hightower on a project in downtown Bamberg stated that his feelings about the Governor were along the lines with Hightower’s: I feel like things being the way they are, he should keep his job, they should not try to take his job away,” Robinson said.

Tara Heard, of Bamberg gave her opinion on whether Gov. Sanford should continue to serve as Governor. “I think he should serve it out (his term in office) and not be reelected because of what he has done. That’s the way I feel about it,” Heard said. “What he did was bad, but not as bad as people are making it. He knows that he did wrong, you can tell, but he should finish his term out.”

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