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Smoking ban

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reference to the proposed smoking ban in Bamberg. First I want to say I am a former smoker I chose to quit in 1981.I am not convinced of the validity of the second hand smoke claims.

What of the rights of the smokers themselves and the rights of the individual business owners who will be forced to make costly changes to their operations. I believe the government has the lawful right to enforce laws and rules involving government properties; but not to privately owned establishments.

The constitution does not empower government, but limits the power thereof. We have the right to make our own choices, if private enterprise is dictated to here; where will government stop. I believe in freedom of choice. Allow owners to post signs at the entrance indicating smoking or not, then if a person wishes to patronize the business, it is then a constitutional personal choice. I do not believe that anyone has the right to interfere with anotherís rights.

Leland Jennings, Jr., Bamberg SC

Class Reunion

Dear Editor,

Members of the Bamberg High School Classes of 1961- 1966 gathered last week-end to renew old friendships and reminisce about those happy days of growing up in Bamberg. We were honored to have a number of our former teachers and coaches join us. Those individuals not only taught us information from books, but instilled in us the values and ambitions, which have served us well throughout our adult lives.

I think that as we grow older, we come to appreciate more and more the value of growing up in a small town, where your friends are friends for life. Never has this been more true than the celebration that we enjoyed on May 23.

I want to say a special thank you to all of those who helped to organize the reunion and make it such a success. You all did an awesome amount of work, including the clean-up!

And thanks also to all of the class members, from both near and far away, who attended the reunion. You are what made it so special!

Linda Swinson Georges, Chapel Hill, NC

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