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It’s almost spring break!

Dear Editor,

It is almost spring break! I want to remind parents to talk to their children about their friends and the people they regularly come in contact with. Students, your parents have provided you a vehicle for you to use. I am sure that they do not want you having friends, or others in the car that are not suppose to be there. Also, a lot can happen when groups of friends get together with the intent of joy riding. Boredom could cause many to engage in activities that they would not normally participate in. Like your parents always say, "read a book". Well, the internet has somewhat taken the place of some books. Instead of logging onto my space, you and your parent may want to see what financial and academic scholarships you may qualify for.

Athletes may wish to log onto the NCAA Clearinghouse web page. It lists everything that is needed to qualify for athletic scholarships. Help the coaches help you by being eligible. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself and be safe.

Vanessa Milhouse Close, Bamberg, S.C.

More than simple magic

Dear Editor,

I began working for the Advertizer-Herald Publishing Company as an intern in January of this year. I am near the end of the semester and I would like to share some reflections with readers about this experience. It is helpful to note that although I am studying English and History and therefore have plenty of experience writing, I have not had any journalism courses to prepare me for the vastness of this experience working in the newspaper industry.

I mentioned during my time here at the Advertizer-Herald that I must have thought the newspaper just “magically appeared” in the mailbox every week. My attempts at comedy were not far from the truth as far as my previous newspaper experience goes, because I had very little insight into what it takes to produce a weekly newspaper.

The editing, proofing, advertising, articles, community news briefs, and photographs all have to be processed before a newspaper can be born. Add to these the coordination of writers, clients, correspondents, community leaders, civic and church news events, meetings, and the list continues, and you would just be scratching the surface.

The collecting of news is just the beginning. Next come the rewrites, editing, and usually several proofreading sessions before the information is deemed ready to include in each issue. Then the real pressure begins, the decisions about which articles will be placed on certain pages, and where to place ads, which does not even take into account the time and talent necessary to create the ads, a feat in itself.

Many of the details will be overlooked in the effort for brevity, but suffice it to say that the paper we all enjoy reading and consider an integral part of the community we live in does not just “magically appear.”

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank Publisher Joyce Searson and all of the Advertizer- Herald staff for allowing me the opportunity to learn more than I ever dreamed about the newspaper business, and for graciously exposing me to every aspect of it without prejudice for my initial ignorance, showing patience and guidance as I learned.

Sincerely, Nancy C. Hiers, Bamberg
U.S.C. - Salkehatchie student

Another Hanoi Jane

Dear Editor,

During the Vietnam War the Actress Jane Fonda was an Anti- War Activist and used her Hollywood popularity for speeches and demonstrations. In this Country that is guaranteed as the Right of Free Speech. Then she went to North Vietnam, was photographed on a broken dike in Hanoi, and condemned the U.S. for inhumane acts against Vietnamese civilians. (We bombed an anti-aircraft artillery gun they put on the reservoir dam.)

For this and other acts the American Veterans condemned her as a Traitor. (She was giving Aid and Sustenance to the Enemy.) Ever since, Hanoi Jane has been banned from participating in Patriotic events (July Fourth Parades, pro-American Committees, honoring heroes, etc.) She has never apologized and remains an unofficially convicted Traitor.

Now, Hillary Clinton goes to Mexico and officially blames America for the drug riots and insurrection in that Country. And she does it while acting as the Secretary of State for the U.S.!!! She apologizes to Mexico because we have drug users here (created by drugs brought in through Mexico.)

Looks to me like we have another Clinton that should be fired. We are not at War with Mexico yet, so “traitor” is not appropriate. But at the very least, she should not be officially appointed to represent this country.

Boyer Fee, Ehrhardt, SC

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