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City Elections April 7 Print E-mail

It’s now down to one week before the city of Bamberg holds its nonpartisan city elections. On April 7th citizens of the town will go to the polls and make their choices known for mayor, a city council district four seat, and a commission seat on the Board of Public Works.

Incumbent district five councilmember Nancy Foster is unopposed in her bid for another four year term on Bamberg City Council, as is newcomer Bo Griffin, who is seeking to occupy the district six seat held by councilmember Buddy Sandifer.

In the mayoral race, incumbent mayor Alton McCollum is being challenged for another four year term in office by district three councilmember Janeth Walker, and former Bamberg County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lisa Stokes.

The race for the seat on city council representing district four, pits newcomers Ronald W. “Buzzy” Bunch Jr. against Paulette Bamberg-Jamison, who are running to occupy the seat formerly held by Buck Fralick, who didn’t file for re-election.

The race for a six year term as a commissioner on the Board of Public Works features two veteran city officials incumbent BPW commissioner Bob Clary, and city councilmember Buddy Sandifer.

Election officials’ advise voters to check their voter registration cards before going to the polls, as some district lines in the city have changed since the last election.

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