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Party Crashers..

Once again the Birthday Girls out did themselves and once again I had to eat crow.

The Girls actually crashed a formal charity event in Manning, this weekend.

I took the Girls to the lake house again this past weekend and yes it was an adventure that only the Birthday Girls would be able to handle… You have to be pretty tough to hang with these ladies… no holes barred and when they put their minds to it you might as well just give up and go along with the flow.

Well as usual, we were all supposed to leave Bamberg on Friday at 12 noon. That never happened, because some of them did not even make it until 6 pm that evening. I wonder if maybe I should tell them we will be leaving at 6 am in the morning.

When the first group arrived at the lake in the afternoon at 1:30 and had just finished unpacking, all of a sudden, I heard one of them scream… “snake!” Now, I just thought one of them needed to get new eyeglasses, but sure enough there was a huge snake in the front yard taking a sunbath.

I could not believe my eyes because the snake was really that big and one of the Girls was even brave enough to get close enough to it to touch it with a stick, but no one was willing to kill it. The snake never moved and paid no attention to whatever was going on and could have cared less about the Birthday Girls. Maybe the snake had more sense that the Girls and he knew what he was up against.

After finally deciding to leave the snake alone, we headed for Manning to get something to eat. We ended up at Shoney’s and that is where we celebrated my birthday and yes, the employees came out singing with that delicious chocolate cake and ice cream and I was very happy.

After that, I asked the big question, “what’s next?” That is when they told me that they wanted to go see one of their sons that was playing in a band at some place in Manning.

Well that wasn’t too bad, I can handle that or at least I thought I could.

After making a few wrong turns and going in two different directions, we some how managed to find the place. As I was pulling in the parking lot, I noticed all these ladies dressed in formal gowns with mink coats and the men had on suits going in the door and I told the Girls we must be at the wrong place.

No, this is the right place, don’t worry we know what we are doing….Ok, I will take them at their word, you don’t ever want to argue with them… I can tell you from experience, you will not win.

When we made it inside the place, we were told that it would cost $35.00. Well I know the Girls and they will not pay that kind of money, no matter who is playing. So I headed for the door and one of them said wait a minute.

So I turned around to see what was happening and sure enough one of them managed to get the lady at the door to let her go in and see her son.

Well, I wanted to get out of this place, because this was a formal affair and I had on jeans.

The people were passing by looking at us like we were the ones the charity event was being held for.

Well, I guess the lady at the door really felt sorry for us because she finally said we could go in and even gave us a table all to ourselves.

Boy, did we stick out like a sore thumb, and I can tell you I wanted to go under the table, especially when the girls started waving at everyone like they knew them.

Sure enough, a young man came over to the table and he actually knew one of them.

Leave it up to them and that is just what I did and what can I say… they actually pulled the whole thing off and we were able to get food and something to drink and it did not cost anything and the music was great. But no one asked any of them to dance and I can tell you these girls can dance and love to dance. I guess they did not feel that sorry for them.

How about that for a night out?

Only the Birthday Girls could crash a charity event and get away with it.

Until next time…What can I say…I had fun too.

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