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UHS-Pruitt ‘Everything is going fine’ Print E-mail

Bamberg County Council voted unanimously to authorize the county administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott, and county attorney Richard Ness to finish the final details of the negotiations of the sale of the Bamberg County Nursing Center to UHS-Pruitt.

Council also voted to authorize the administrator to sign the contract with UHS-Pruitt for the sale of the nursing center contingent upon the details being worked out, and to sign the contract with Mashburn Construction Company Inc.

The terms of the contract with UHS-Pruitt were not released as the contract has not been signed and is subject to changes.

“Everything’s going fine,” County Administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott said Tuesday. The devil’s in the details, as soon as those details are in the contract, we’ll be moving on,” she said.

Dobson-Elliott added that county and UHS-Pruitt are working on a “schedule of personal property” which is basically an inventory of what will stay in the nursing center and what will not after the sale is complete.

Also during the meeting:

Council received comments from Rev. Rufus Jamison of Denmark about what he said were “problems at the jail.”

Jamison listed four issues he had with the jail. He stated that his brother an inmate, whom he described as “unruly” was beaten up by another inmate. He said that only three people were allowed in the waiting room at the jail at one time. He said that his brother who has gout did not receive his medication on time. And, his nephew also an inmate was not allowed to see his family member when she tried to visit him.

Jamison also complained that the Bamberg County Hospital did not have canopy near the emergency room to keep patients from getting wet when it rains.

Bamberg County Council Chairman Chris Wilson asked county administrator Rose Dobson-Elliott to get with county detention center director Gary Brown and look into the issues raised by Jamison and report back to council.

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