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Steve Burdsal of Southeastern Underwater Services Company of Greenville SC. gave Denmark City Council an update on the progress of the cleaning of the city’s water towers at its monthly meeting on December 15.

Southeastern Underwater Services Company, who submitted the low bid of $7,600 to clean the water towers, inspects towers using divers that are pre-contaminated with a chloride solution and sealed in rubber suits, Burdsal said.

“We come into town and clean and inspect elevated water tanks so they don’t have to be taken off-line,” Burdsal said.

He said that they found several items of concern in the downtown Denmark Dogwood tank including; There was some holes found in the roof, some sediment had built up over the years possibly from openings in vents, and line breaks that was cleaned out, and the paint on the outside of the tank tested positive for lead.

He stated that the coating on the inside of the Dogwood tower was gone and would need to be repainted. He noted that the other towers were in good shape.

“We’re in the planning stage now,” Burdsal said as for removing the lead from the outside of the Dogwood plant.

Denmark City manager Heyward Robinson said Monday January 5 the Dogwood water tank had been taken off-line for safety, and structural reasons, and being tested positive for lead on the outside of the tank. Robinson said that plans are underway to make the needed repairs to the water tower.

In his financial report city CFO Rusty Munoz reported that revenue was below what it was this time last year. The deficit in the water fund account was a reflection of money being put back into the water system. Munoz reported that all city taxes, bills, and notes were paid in a timely manner.

Public Works director Daniel Norton reported that his department repaired an eight inch main on Carolina Highway. Locations for the city’s new wells have been identified, and bids are being sought to replace the sewer line between Maple and Chestnut Street.

Councilman Evert Comer asked if the problem with discoloration in the water had been eliminated. Norton stated that the department was taking it “step by step, it was doing better, but still had a little way to go.” He stated that some of the recent problem may have come from the divers in the tanks stirring some of the sediment up.

Police Chief Leroy Grimes reported that his department created 26 case files for the period of November 18, 2008 to December 15, 2008. Chief Grimes stated that no arrest had been made in the murder case committed a month ago: Reported that newly appointed Denmark Municipal Court Judge Ed Freeman, who attended the meeting held court on November 25 and December 8, 2008. The next court date will be January 12, 2009 (5:30 pm.). Chief Grimes report that Marie Baez attended Radar Training in Williston, SC. Aaron James Dilling will start Class One Training on January 4, 2009. He also reported that officer Shina Robinson was in a vehicle collision with a deer on December 12.

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