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Ok folks, I have to express myself this week and a lot of you may not like what I am about to say, but that is the least of my concern at the moment.

Last week, a young woman was attacked at our local grocery store in the parking lot… yes, right here in the City of Bamberg and not one person in the whole parking lot made any effort to go over to where she was to help her.

I am appalled by the fact that this could have been me or even one of you out there and the ending could have been a lot worse. I might not have been able to fend off my attacker.

Come on now, we live in this small town because we don’t like the big city and we feel safe and we all know one another, love one another and want to help one another.

Well, that was not the case when this young lady stopped by the store to get a few things before going home. As she exited the store and attempted to get in her vehicle, someone came up behind her and said, “Move over, give me your keys, do you want to die, I am going to kill you,” pushing her down in her vehicle and choking her with a stick.

The assailant picked the wrong person because this woman put up one heck of a fight.

She fought him with everything she had, kicking, biting, hitting and blowing the horn, screaming the whole time. Still no one came over to help her. After several minutes passed, someone went in the store to tell an employee that something was going on out in the parking lot. Thank goodness, that employee did call the police and because two off-duty policeman were in the vicinity, they were on the scene in a matter of minutes and were able to handcuff the man and get him in the police car.

This story ended with the young woman suffering only minor injuries and emotional trauma, but I shudder to think how it could have ended if the store employee had not called the police.

When I spoke to the victim, she said her concern was… if it had been an older person, or a pregnant woman, they would not have been able to ward off the attacker, because he was very strong and he meant business, he was not playing. Her words to everyone out there if this happens to you, “Please don’t give in, do whatever you have to do, fight, kick or scream, but don’t give up.”

My words to all of you out there…

First of all, please be aware of your surroundings, take notice of what is going on, you never know who is watching you and take extra precautions, especially this time of year.

Now, for all of you folks in that parking lot, I cannot speak for you, I can only speak for myself. I know what I would have done had I been there… I would have helped this woman, no matter what the consequences would have been.

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