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Car & Tractor Show Winners

1903-1927 Antique Car
1st Place - Buck Guess from Blackville with a 1912 Model T Torpedo
2nd Place - Herb Thomas from Smoaks with a 1924 Model T
3rd Place - Ray Thomas from Smoaks with a 1926 Model T

1928-1950 Antique Car
1st Place - Jimmy Arends from Cordova with a 1933 Oldsmobile
2nd Place - James Watkins from Orangeburg with a 1937 Oldsmobile
3rd Place - Ricky Maxwell from Bamberg with a 1931 Ford Woody

1951-1978 Antique Car
1st Place - Hot Rod Herndon and Shane Black from Bamberg with a 1957 210 Tudor Chevrolet
2nd Place - Harry Wise from Bamberg with a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette
3rd Place - Tie with two winners - Danny Thomas from Ehrhardt with a 1967 Ford Mustang and Vernon Skinner from Norway with a 1967 Plymouth GTX

1900-1950 Antique Tractor
1st Place - Bill Dennis from Bamberg with a 1936 John Deere Unstyled A
2nd Place - JP Robinson from Bamberg with a 1943 Farmall Model H
3rd Place - Marty and Janice Black from Leesville with a 1947 Ford 2N

1951-1978 Antique Tractor
1st Place - Marty and Janice Black from Leesville with a 1955 Ford 740
2nd Place - Debbie Crider from Bamberg with a 1951 Massey Harris Pony
3rd Place - Laverne Stillinger from Denmark with a 1951 Farmall Model M

Miscellaneous awards
1st Place - Clayton English from Martinez Georgia with a 1902 Horseless Carriage



TreasureFest Beauties

Teen Miss TreasureFest
Winner/Queen: Courtney Owens
1st Runner up: Chelsea Smith
2nd Runner up: Vanesha Winningham
Most Photogenic: Courtney Owens
Prettiest Smile: Courtney Owens
Prettiest Dress: Chelsea Smith

Junior Miss TreasureFest
Winner/Queen: Summer Yoakum
1st Runner up: Danielle Johnson
2nd Runner up: Roxanne Ott
Most Photogenic: Kristen Dukes
Prettiest Smile: Danielle Johnson
Prettiest Dress: Roxanne Ott

Little Miss TreasureFest
Winner/Queen: Lindsey Darnell
1st Runner up: Michelle Armstrong
2nd Runner up: Hanna Baughman
Most Photogenic: Michelle Armstrong
Prettiest Smile: Michelle Armstrong
Prettiest Dress: Lindsey Darnell

Tiny Miss TreasureFest
Winner/Queen: Caroline Antley
1st Runner up: Madisyn Mears
2nd Runner up: Emma Bridges
Most Photogenic: Blakely Valentine
Prettiest Smile: Caroline Antley
Prettiest Dress: Blakely Valentine

Wee Miss TreasureFest
Winner/Queen: Amelia Stembridge
1st Runner up: Avary Brunson
2nd Runner up: Kaileigh Wise
Most Photogenic: Avary Brunson
Prettiest Smile: Amelia Stembridge
Prettiest Dress: Avary Brunson

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