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A couple of weeks ago, I was glad to see the United States Senate for once stop all of its bickering and put the good of the country at its best interest. Yes, they came together as one and not as separate parties and made the decision to vote for the economic bailout. Whether it was the right decision is still up to us to decide, but the fact that they stopped bickering, putting their differences aside long enough to do this, was wonderful.

So many times when we bicker, nothing ever gets accomplished and we lose sight of what is best for everyone and opportunities are lost and the damage is done.

There has been a lot of bickering in Bamberg County in the last five years and opportunities have been lost and yes… lots of damage has been done.

Bickering between the two towns of Denmark and Bamberg over where the proposed new hospital should have been built has caused that window of opportunity to be lost and again it has caused a lot of resentment and hard feelings amongst the two communities.

Don’t get me wrong now, I know that both towns have a lot of good people in them and it is a shame that they could not get together and do what was right for the best interest of the County.

Now, the County is at risk of losing one of its biggest industries and who knows where we could have been if we could have only stopped the bickering.

Now once again another opportunity has been lost. The Town of Ehrhardt has lost a wonderful opportunity to use the vacant Elementary School building for whatever they wanted to with one exception…it could not be used for a private/charter school. Why was this opportunity lost? Because of bickering and not doing what was best for the town. Now the school building will be used for something else.

My heart went out to the citizens of Ehrhardt when the school was closed, but sometimes you have to make the best of what you have left and in this instance there was a newly remodeled building that would have made a great town hall and there was plenty of room for other uses as well.

I happen to love Bamberg County, I have lived here all my life and I plan to continue to do so. This is my home and I can tell that I know that they are good people in all of our communities. We have to stop all this bickering and put what is best for the good of our county first and foremost, before it is too late, before the next opportunity is lost… or we will never be able to grow and prosper like our surrounding counties. Sometimes it is not always who is right or wrong but whether it is best.

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