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BSD1 School Board Leadership is ‘Appalling’

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, I attended the Bamberg School District 1 school board meeting. This was the first school board meeting I have attended. I must say I was absolutely appalled at the way this meeting was conducted by the Chairwoman, Rita Sease. The disrespect shown to two of the board members by Ms. Sease was quite apparent to those in attendance.

In addition, the overall disrespect shown to educators and staff members of the district, who are supposed to be represented by Ms. Sease and the other board members, was appalling. Employees of this district, who work hard every day to educate hundreds of children in this district, were denied their voices to be heard over a mere “technicality.” This technicality involved not signing a piece of paper at the beginning of the meeting, that for some reason, no one in attendance knew had to be signed in order to speak during ‘visitor’s comments.’ (I bet people will be signing this paper at the next meeting in December!)

In my opinion, Chris Wallace and John Hiers, seem to be the only members of this board who care about actually representing the people they were elected to represent. When the issue of further discussing payroll changes, which will allegedly have an negative impact on employee’s paychecks, was brought up by Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hiers, the other board members showed no interest in further talking about this issue. Instead, they decided to postpone the discussion “indefinitely.” Think about this for a minute…six board members have the power to change the way you are paid each month, and four out of the six members decided this issue was not significant enough to further discuss with the very people who will have to suffer the consequences of less money in their paychecks! Only one word for this…Pathetic!

If your children attend school in Bamberg School District 1, I sincerely hope that you will attend the meeting in December, and every month thereafter, so you can see for yourself how your elected school board members are representing you and the employees of this district. If you are represented by Mr. Wallace and Mr. Hiers…in my opinion, you are well represented. I can’t say much about the other board members, since they didn’t seem to want to voice their thoughts. Maybe they will cut the puppet strings and let their true voices and opinions be heard at the next meeting (we just hope Ms. Sease won’t say they are ‘Out of Order’!)

Jennifer Ahlin, Bamberg

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