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Small town politics...

At the Monday, October 21st Bamberg School District One (BSD1) Board Meeting, Chris Wallace, a school board member walked out of the meeting after having a heated discussion with BSD1 Board chair Rita Sease. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the meeting, due to another event, however I did listen to the tape, and I'm glad I wasn't at the meeting.

The lack of respect the board members have for one another equals to zero. Wallace wasn't even given the opportunity to make a comment about a motion made by Tony Duncan. Is that how we're supposed to run meetings? I thought it was in the code of ethics, if you're serving on a school board, you're supposed to treat each other as equals, and the voice of everyone should be heard.

That did not happen at Monday night's meeting! To those citizens who voted for Rita Sease, do you still feel you voted for the right person? Everyone has a voice, and to disregard a person's opinion, simply because they think differently from you is disrespectful.

I have spoken with many employees of BSD1, and they all feel their opinions are not appreciated, or even acknowledged. In my last article about BSD1, it stated Sease was over the employees of the district. Sease also said at the October meeting the board was given false information.

What was false Ms. Sease? You asked the finance department for information, they supplied it, and it was true! Changing the paying schedule changed the tax table, therefore resulting in a different amount of each pay check. What is so hard to understand about that board members?

Your vice chair walked out of a meeting due to his voice not being heard. He was elected to that position to speak for those who elected him. He was denied the right to speak for the people who elected him! You all who voted for the bi-monthly pay are speaking for those who elected you, therefore why would you deny Wallace the right to do the same?

I have found the information I need to contact the South Carolina School Board Association. I have turned in articles to those who have asked to see them, and I plan to continue to report to the community what is said at BSD1 board meetings.

The community needs to know who they elected and what those elected officials are really doing. I keep asking myself who voted for some of these people, and why they voted for them. I shake my head when I think of the disgrace some board members are bringing to the table, but I suppose that's politics right? Good ole small town politics.

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