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Dr. Ross reaches a milestone Print E-mail
Written by Mallory D. Biering   

On Monday, October 21st, The Regional Medical Center (RMC) hosted its grand opening of the Dialysis Access Institute (DAI). A flyover plane flew a banner with, "Grand opening Dialysis Access Institute at RMC," over the newly built facility, which deals mainly with the efforts of Dr. John R. Ross, who joined the RMC staff in March of 2011. During an interview Ross said the DAI was a magnificent journey that first began in his office in Bamberg.

Due to the number of patients needing this state of the art surgery, his interest grew. He spent hours upon hours studying the kidney, to determine how best to encourage its duties to the body. At the grand opening, Ross admitted to having more photos than any other doctor of the organ, of which he collected over 10 years while studying how to keep it functioning.

Dialysis Access is what patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease go through in order to save the compromised bloodstream, which is used to clean out all of the "bad stuff" in the body. "Without the kidneys, the body doesn't do well," said Ross. The large amount of diabetes and hyper tension in the area makes the location of this institute instrumental.

Before the Bamberg Hospital closed, many surgeons from around the country would come to witness what Ross was doing. They came to learn how to better serve their patients-- how to help prolong their kidneys, how to prolong their lives.

Ross mentioned his late wife Louise during an interview. He shared how she ran the office and he performed the surgery when they were in Bamberg. Before she left his side, Ross explained it was her idea to make the move to Orangeburg. He said there were offers for him to join other areas in his field-- areas much bigger than Orangeburg. But Louise said, "Let's go to Orangeburg." Ross told the audience Louise told him to worry about the doctor stuff, and she would do everything else.

Ross commended the RMC Board of Directors, as well as his staff, for all of the work put forth in creating the new $6.8 million, 16,000 square foot facility. As of Monday afternoon, 200 procedures were already performed.

Many from all over the state, throughout America and worldwide are learning from Ross. This facility will allow the use of live video streaming, for doctors to learn what's going on directly from the operating table. Doctors will also have the opportunity to learn onsite what happens during dialysis access. This institute is a beacon of hope for those needing the procedures performed by Ross and his team--hope that more will be learned and more lives will be saved.

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