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Why did you run for office...?

Bamberg County Council Members, other elected officials of Bamberg County and its municipalities, and elected school board officials, I believe that you all should step it up a notch. You were elected to your seat to make votes and recommendations that best suit the majority of the county. Get over your agendas, and realize you're dealing with the lives of Bamberg County Citizens.

Most meetings with the public are once a month. If you have a problem attending that meeting, or attending the committee meetings you are on, ask yourself why you ran for office. If you can't return a phone call from a citizen in your district, then why did you run for office? If you are not planning to actually show support, again ask yourself why did you run for office?

How many of you can say you speak to people in your district about the good and the bad occurring on a weekly basis? Are you making the effort to speak to them, or do you wait for them to come to you? How much face time do you give the citizens you represent? How often do you go door to door, call, send emails, or message on Facebook to ask them to attend your meetings? How often do you ask for their opinions? Or do you do any of those things?

As an example, if the average time of a county council meeting is two hours, and you have 12 regular meetings a year, do you realize you have an average of 24 hours face time with the general public as a group? That is equivalent to one day a year you come together as a group and hope more than 16,000 citizens find the time to come speak to you about their concerns and issues in the county. You can't see me now, but I'm laughing out loud, sarcastically. It's not a realistic expectation. Other elected officials, think about this same example and compare it with your own meetings.

There is no excuse. I don't care if you have a family, if you have a job, or if you have other extracurricular activities that keep you from speaking with your community. Please ask yourself why you ran for office if you're not doing your part. Take your family with you. Your job is not all day long, and your extracurricular activities should be part of Bamberg County.

It infuriates me to know there are citizens in the county who would love you all to visit with them, but there are no visits. It ticks me off to know as an elected official you have the voice and opportunity to make a difference, and there are things going on right under your nose you could change-- things that aren't changing.

Do what you were elected to do. Serve the communities in this county. Develop relationships with the citizens you represent. Remember the real true reason as to why you should have run for office.

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