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U.S. Constitution Needs To Stay As Is

According to Phillip Jaurequi, president of Judicial Action Group, (JAG) there is a debate before the U.S. Supreme Court to whether or not foreign law should replace the U.S. Constitution in America’s courtrooms.

Jaurequi says that liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg believes that foreign law should supersede the U.S. Constitution while conservative Supreme Court Justice John Roberts feels differently.

If Justice Ginsberg’s effort to impose foreign law on the court is successful socialist foreign judges will be responsible for writing U.S. law. In the past liberal judges have used foreign law to legalize sodomy, homosexual marriage and to protect murderers by scaling back the death penalty.

Justice Ginsberg and her liberal colleagues on the Supreme Court want to go further. They want foreign law to be written by the United Nation’s bureaucrats to supersede the Constitution that was written by our Founding Fathers. They even want to use foreign law to go after our military leaders and even privates in the military for “war crimes.”

Chief Justice John Roberts needs to know that we want America’s constitutional system of government defended from Ginsberg, the ACLU and the U.N. bureaucrats who want to shred our Constitution and replace it with the socialist foreign laws of the United Nations.

American law has been guided by the Constitution for over 200 years and the genius of the Founding Fathers like James Madison who wrote our constitution. But now Ginsberg and other liberal activist judges want to toss out the Constitution and replace it with foreign law.

In the Supreme Court case Lawrence versus Texas Ginsberg and other liberal judges on the Court used references to the “European Court of Human Rights and foreign sources” to legalize sodomy in America, according to JAG. Ginsberg has said that constitutional law should encompass the world. Our Constitution was not written for the rest of the world it was written for our country.

We all should remember when the ACLU took Judge Roy Moore of Alabama to court back in 1997 for displaying the Ten Commandments. Americans were outraged at the ACLU’s attack on the Ten Commandments and many flooded Washington with petitions supporting Judge Roy Moore. In response Congress voted by an overwhelming margin (295-125) to support Judge Moore’s display of the Ten Commandments. It was no doubt the right thing for Congress to do.

Let me mention some things that the Judicial Action Group has accomplished over the years.

• The group helped to pass the Pledge Protection Act in the U.S. House by a vote of 260-167 and the Public Expression of Religion Act in the House by a vote of 244-173.

• JAG worked side by side with Congressman Todd Akin to write his urgently needed legislation to stop liberal judges from using foreign law to impose their socialist agenda on America.

• JAG created the “JAG Corps” consisting of members of Congress, staffers from the U.S. Senate and House and leaders from several national organizations.

• JAG was formed to challenge liberal activist judges and to renew America’s court system.

Presently the organization is launching a massive campaign to let Chief Justice Roberts know that Americans want his court to stop the use of foreign law in the courtrooms and to stop liberal judges who want to impose their socialist agenda on the American people.

Our United States Constitution needs to remain as it was written. Liberal Supreme Court Judges need to leave it as is.

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