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School District Two board members debate attorney fees Print E-mail
Written by Mallory D. Biering   

During the organization and administration portion of the Bamberg School District Two Board of Trustees meeting board members Loretta P. Goodman and Alvin L. Maynor participated in a debate about whether to go into executive session to discuss business concerning the bill the district received from the lawyer.

Goodman started off the debate by saying, "I move that we table our attorney fees until after executive session so that there are a few items listed there that I would like to discuss with the board."

"If we do that, we alter our agenda," said Maynor and also read aloud a notice the district was given by their attorney about changing the agenda during the meeting.

"Just want to get clarity before we give an okay to go ahead and pay the bill. Clarity simply means an understanding of what's printed. I'm not saying you didn't understand the meaning of that word. We are just tabling the attorney fees until after we have executive session," was Goodman's response.

Maynor quickly added, "I just want us to be in compliance. If we move it from where it is at, then we have altered it from where it is at. I don't want to get into a long debate, but we have had the package here since last Wednesday or Thursday. Everyone knows everyone's number. If there was a concern we could have called the superintendent or the chairperson if we had a concern. We can put it to a vote and if I lose then I just lose. I want it to be known that we are going against what we would be advised not to do."

"I do understand that Mr. Maynor, but the questions I have are pertinent to the fees that we need to be paying. I just wanted some clarity on those fees before we go ahead and pay them. I'm not against paying the attorney, I just want to ask some questions in lure of what I see in the attorney's profile. That's all I want to do sir, and I just want clarity."

BSD2 Board Chair Larry Bias suggested, "Let's do it this way--let's use initials with the one you have a concern about. You're not calling names, you're using initials."

The amount of money Goodman questioned was well over $1,500, along with two other items costing the district a significant amount of money. A discussion of receiving a breakdown of the fees in an itemized manner so this type of discussion does not happen again. After board members went ahead to approve the paying of the lawyer fees for the month of June $4,346.57, BSD2 Superintendent Dr. Thelma Sojourner presented the legislative report.

Sojourner explained a new bill, which requires letting parents know what to look for in the event that something happens during an athletic event, they will know what to do. Parents and coaches must be trained in this, and Sojourner will get back to the board on this topic.

Sojourner said the teachers were also approved to get $275 this year for school supplies, and will be receiving it in the near future.

The board approved the second readying of proposed policy revisions.

The policy revisions included: staff dress code, student dress code, code of conduct, and possession and use of paging devices in school.

Dr. Ruby J. Johnson, the district's director of Instructional Services, said, "Annually districts have to submit online an update to the district strategic plan. We did that, and we have received feedback from the state on that and that feedback is that we met our requirements."

Sojourner noted that students will return to school on Monday, August 19th, after teachers have returned on Monday, August 12th.

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