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Written by Mallory D. Biering   

After the special called meeting of the Bamberg County Hospital Board on June 19th, the public was made aware that the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), affiliated with Colleton Medical Center, was interested in, "establishing a free standing emergency room on the grounds of the now closed Bamberg County Memorial Hospital."

However, before the emergency room can open and begin servicing the people in and around Bamberg County, the HCA needs a Certificate of Need (CON), which can only be granted once it is proven that it is needed. Trent Kinard, of Bamberg County Council, began doing just that since the meeting in June.

As of press time on Tuesday, July 9th, Kinard had collected over 900 letters. These letters are written to the Bureau of Health Facilities and Services Development Department at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in Columbia.

The letter is a form of written support, "for Colleton Medical Center's plan to apply for a Certificate of Need for the development of a Freestanding Emergency Department in Bamberg." The letter also states that the development, "will improve access to emergency services for the residents and business owners in Bamberg County area and it will provide a convenient option for immediate healthcare services for the many families who live in Bamberg and the surrounding neighborhoods."

Kinard stated, "The people of Bamberg County are ready for 24-emergency care. It is awesome to see how much people actually care about one another. Just getting these letters and talking to people, proved to me what I already knew--the people in Bamberg are honest, good people. They just want the basics in life, and health care is a basic need in their life."

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