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SC School Board Member Code of Ethics

In the South Carolina School Board Member Code of Ethics it states, "As a school board member in South Carolina, I pledge my efforts to improve public education in my community and will solemnly try to encourage an open exchange of ideas by all board members during the decision-making process; to attend all board meetings, to study issues facing the board and to enact policies and official actions only after full discussion at such meetings; to work with other board members in a conscientious and courteous manner befitting the public trust placed in the position of school board trustee; and to make the education setting in our district the best possible to encourage all students to achieve and to love learning."

The meeting of the Bamberg School District One Board Meeting on Monday, March 25th, was anything but an effort to encourage an open exchange of ideas, or have a courteous manner that encourages all students to achieve and to love learning.

If anything, the board meeting showed the students of BSD1 that it's okay to argue about a brass plaque that will hang in the hallway of a school. Board members had a heated discussion about which teachers would have a room or hallway named for them due to their work in the school.

I find it very difficult to understand why the subject of race and the importance of spending such a significant amount of time discussing the topic occurred.

I however would like to know what is going to be done about the students who did not reach their set goals for MAP Testing. I would also like to know what is going to be done to ensure the students have fun preparing for the next grade level, or have fun going into the next round of testing--in detail, like this plaque process.

How do board members plan to ensure students know what they need to in order to achieve the goals set before them? How do they plan to do this whenever they are spending a meeting bickering with one another about a brass plaque?

Tony Duncan stated he already spoke with one of the six people he would like to give recognition to in the new school. Wouldn't this mean that individual action was taken, before the board decided as a whole on the matter or even had an opportunity to discuss the idea?

I feel the board does a great job making things happen. These officials were elected to work together, not against each other. Respect is key to making these type of relationships work. It seemed very apparent at the meeting just how much respect everyone has for the other and their ideas. What kind of examples are you all setting for the students of the district you represent, and are you really following the code of ethics?

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