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Written by Mallory D. Biering   

After the financial reports and minutes were approved at the Bamberg Board of Public Works meeting at the Thursday, March 28th meeting Will Martin, BPW Manager gave the managers report after the approval of natural gas rate tariffs.

Martin presented information from the financial reports where there was a journal entry error, which was being corrected. The approval of natural gas rate tariffs was given “what this does is formalizes and specifies who is eligible for what rates on our natural gas services. It also specifies items that go into the makeup of the rates and also includes a weather normalization charge, which was discussed at other meeting.” The board said these rates are already current, but it is now in writing. The paperwork was approved by members of the board.

It was reported by Martin in the manager’s report that, “the warehouse was pretty much complete.” Martin stated there are censors that will be replaced. In references to Tobul, Martin said all the work for water and natural gas were completed before the grand opening, even though it took some work to finish the project. Future plans for more buildings at the Tobul location were thought of, and the ground work for any future plans that may come up have already been completed. The refurbishment of well number eight is ready to be put back online and run for a few months, before well number nine is taken into consideration for any changes. Martin noted there wouldn’t be any changes to well number nine until the fall. In the final item of the manager’s report Martin said the ironwork for additional security at the front desk of city hall was recently installed. Ken Daugherty built the frame designed by Martin.

The meeting then went into executive session to discuss a personnel matter. Once executive session was over, there was not a statement given as to what was said during the session, and no other announcements were given, nor did the public have any questions.

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