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Bamberg School Districts One and Two elections April 9th Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

Several candidates have filed for two open seats on the Bamberg School District One School Board. In Bamberg School District Two only one candidate has filed for re-election to fill an open seat on the Board as one District Two seat with be filled by a write-in candidate in the April 9 election.

In Bamberg School District One, three candidates have filed to fill the District 3 Seat currently held by Robin Haynes, who did not file for re-election. Kendra Rivers, Stacy Long and Mike Ulmer will square off with each other to fill the District 3 Seat in School District One.

Kendra Rivers is a graduate of Bamberg School District One who currently serves as Director of Personnel for the Allendale County School System and is a candidate for Seat 3 on the Bamberg School District One School Board.

Rivers, who graduated from the Citadel, with a Masters Degree in Educational Administration, and who is working on her PhD said she believes education is a life of learning.

“My commitment to education along with my educational credentials will serve me well as a board member,” Rivers said, adding “I will seek out new processes to ensure all of our kids secure a quality education and one that prepares them for the future.”

Rivers noted that she will also bring “a wealth of classroom experience, administrative educational experience, and board experience” that she noted will prove to be vital as budgets are adjusted annually. She stated that as Director of Personnel for the Allendale County School District, she is provided with “an inside seat” on addressing students needs. Rivers stated she is prepared to be a “voice for students.”

Mike Ulmer, who is a self employed auctioneer and Owner of an Auction Company is also a candidate for Seat 3 on the Bamberg School District One School Board. Ulmer stated that his reason for wanting to be a trustee on the Bamberg District One School Board is “a desire to serve my community.”

Ulmer noted that with two children in Bamberg School District One he has a “vested interest” that all Bamberg One students become prepared for great employment opportunities in Bamberg County. He stated that Bamberg School District One is one of Bamberg County's “greatest resources” and that without a strong educational system, businesses and industry will not seek Bamberg County for an educated workforce, which in turn, will cause taxes to continue to increase. “I want to make what is already good, better,” Ulmer said. Ulmer and his wife Heather are parents of two children, Emmy (8) in 2nd grade & Hayes (10) in 5th grade at Richard Carroll Elementary School.

Also in Bamberg School District One, Dr. R. Dale Padgett is being challenged by John Hiers for the District 4 Seat on April 9. Hiers noted that both he and his wife (Susan) are products of Bamberg School District 1 with children currently attending Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School and Richard Carroll Elementary School.

Hiers, who graduated from The Citadel with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration credits “the strong academic foundation” his teachers laid for him. Hiers served seven years as a Project Engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers and currently hold the position of Manager of Compound Engineering at The Okonite Company. “I was so fortunate to have outstanding, caring, and inspiring teachers; and I want all the children in Bamberg afforded the same educational opportunity to reach their career goals,” he said.

Hiers stated that If he is elected, he will offer “a fresh voice” to the School Board with communicative leadership experience. “I want to ensure that student achievement and learning remains our highest priority by working collaboratively with our parents, teachers, and administration,” he said adding “I believe in high academic standards for all and school accountability. Hiers said he will make certain that the school district strives to improve test scores, “but not at the expense of the basics”; and in these difficult economic times, that every tax dollar is maximized to benefit our children’s education. He noted that he wants to help District One to “proactively shape its future” rather than merely react to circumstances and face its future.

In Bamberg School District Two, Larry Bias has filed for re-election to the District Two School Board representing Seat 1. No one has filed for Seat 2 on the District Two School Board and it will have to be filled by a write in candidate. The Polls will open at 7:00 am on April 9 and close at 7:00 pm.

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