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County sees improved revenues in January Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

Bamberg County recorded its largest collection in revenue this fiscal year in the month of January. Bamberg County finance director Thomas M. Thomas informed County Council members at their regular March meeting Monday night that total revenues for the month of January were $1,736,529 which he noted “was the largest collection for any month of this fiscal year.” Total revenues the County has collected year-to-date amounted to $5,043,560. As of the end of February the County has collected 71 percent of its estimated revenue for the fiscal year.

On the expenditure side, year-to-date the County has spent 62 percent of its total budget. Expenditures for the month came in at $654,223, which included $138,000 in payroll and $515,427 in accounts payable. The County had “several large expenditures” for the month that included quarterly appropriations to Three Rivers Solid Waste for $65,000, the County’s annual insurance premium of $76,017 and a quarterly appropriation to ABBE Regional Library of $33,000. It was noted that the County is in the process of amending its budget request forms that will be sent out to contract and non-contract agencies next week. And it was noted that the County’s external audit is being finalized.

Kell Anderson of SouthernCarolina Alliance reported that work on the new Tobul Accumulator Plant was “largely complete” and a dedication schedule would be forthcoming. Anderson noted that the old USA plant on South Main Highway will be up and online and a least rate from the owner was obtained. Anderson reported that Bamberg County was one of 34 counties to receive initial approval for the Work Ready Initiative. SCRDA officials recently completed a marketing trip to New York and New Jersey and had “ a number of productive meetings” that should result in business to the area in the second quarter.

In the Bamberg County Council members reports; Council member Trent Kinard read a report from the Lower Savannah COG (TAC) noting the Farrow Road Cross Road did not have enough traffic to warrant a flashing beacon or flashing light. The report read by Kinard noted the crash history of the intersection “was not extreme.” However the intersection could benefit from changes to signage , road markings and mowing of vegetation.

Council member agreed to delete from the agenda the First Reading in Title Only of an Ordinance providing for the Issuance of general obligation bonds that would have been used to refund outstanding indebtedness of the County. County administrator Joey Preston noted that over the last couple of days’ County officials determined that this was something that did not have to be done at this particular time.

Council members approved a resolution appointing administrator Joey Preston as an alternate to the Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority Board of Directors.

In the public comments portion of the meeting: Michael Duval wanted to know how items are placed in the County’s Budget. Duval was informed that a budget calendar is being developed and will be sent out to all department heads. The form will be completed by the department heads and turned in the County Administrator, who by law is allowed to take the request and make recommendations to County Council. Council member Joe Guess noted that some items in the budget are mandated by state law. Preston noted that citizens are allowed to talk with their individual Council members concerning the budget.

Betty Singleton of Ehrhardt, told Council members that it had been several years since anything had been done to the dirt road near her home and she was told that nothing could be done because the road near her home was classified as a private road. “I’m trying to find fairness,” Singleton said, adding “I feel like I’m being punished for living on a dirt road.” Singleton stated that she was paying taxes and could not have her road paved and could not afford to pay someone to have it done.

Singleton was told that according to state law private roads could not be paved by the State or County.

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