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Main Street Bamberg parking is an economic issue Print E-mail
Written by Mallory D. Biering   

In no later than two weeks, Governor Haley has promised someone from the Commerce Department will be helping the City of Bamberg address what Haley feels is 'an economic issue,' -- the parking on Main Street. This news was made public knowledge on Monday, December 10th, at the Bamberg City Council meeting. Mayor Protem Nancy Foster stated Haley wanted to be involved in the process of making sure citizens could access the businesses as easily as possible. With this matter of old business now moved to the forefront of some of the economic issues the city has been dealing, a change is hoped to come soon.

Along with the construction that may come with Main Street parking, brings with it another possible construction project to add a stop light and crosswalk at the intersection of Highway 78 and Calhoun Street (in front of Wells Fargo and Bamberg Piggly Wiggly). The idea for this project has been around for some time, however information Mayor Alton McCollum was given a letter which leads the city to believe this project will begin after the first of the new year.

In other business, Clerk and Treasurer S. Bruce Watson stated they are waiting to have the money from the one cent penny sales tax before they move forward with the renovations to be made with the Civic Center. It was stated during the meeting they need to hire another architect, since the one the city was previously working with is no longer able to stay with the job. Watson explained it was best to have a professional come in, to make certain each job was done correctly the first time around.

License Commissioner Cynthia Summers and Chief Morris explained the situation pertaining to business licenses throughout the city. Morris stated there is a problem with businesses each year not purchasing their business license until after a letter has been sent from the police department and the city. Summers and Morris agreed their policy and the way the policy is enforced is, "very generous," but Watson added that maybe stiffer penalties should be brought forth on businesses not following this policy.

Bo Griffin, Bamberg Police Commissioner stated along with Morris Officer Zorn is now certified through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Morris said, "Patel has one more week," before her certification is complete.

Foster gave thanks to Bamberg Board of Public Works for their efforts in decorating the time with Christmas lights. Foster also mentioned the passing of Sandy Turner, who worked with the Bamberg Police Department and Becky Swindell who helped created Paw Paw Country Club. Before the meeting was adjourned, Foster read a tribute of Swindell and her efforts to help make the City of Bamberg what it is today.

With no other announcements besides Janeth Walker, Sanitation and Chamber of Commerce Commissioner, thanking those who contributed to the Christmas Party, as well as the Delta Sigma Theta hosting an event at Voorhees College the meeting was adjourned.

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