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HCA still interested in establishing emergency services Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

In an update regarding discussions with Hospital Corporations of America (HCA) Bamberg County Council Chairman Chris Wilson reported at Monday night’s meeting that the company which operates the Colleton Medical Center is still “extremely interested” in reestablishing emergency room services in Bamberg.

“They do have continued interest,” Wilson said. “They are basically working through obstacles, trying to jump through all the hoops that are necessary to actually re-establish services here. Wilson noted that there are some federal and state issues the company has to work through. Wilson stated that “it was fair to say it’s taken a little longer than they thought it would and a good bit longer than we hoped and thought it would” but there is an extreme interest from their part to continue to move forward here. Wilson stated that HCA didn’t want to come in and commit to things they never intended to do like in the past. Wilson noted it’s going to take some time, but the company is looking at what can be done in the interim to address the needs of the people here.

In other business:

• During the finance report it was reported that comparing revenues to expenditures the county recorded a $317,000 deficit at this point in the fiscal year. The county has collected 33 percent of its estimated revenue or $427,295 for the month with total collections year-to-date of $2,366,324. On the expenditure side, the county has spent 38 percent of its total budget or monthly expenditures of $738,079 for the month, which included a payroll of $217,720 and accounts payable of $514,079. Year-to-date expenditures amounted to $2,679,217.

• It was noted the county had a number of large expenditures this past month including an extra pay payroll and quarterly appropriations to contractors. Finance Director Thomas Thomas noted that the county was hopeful that property tax receipts would began to increase if not in December then definitely in January.

• Council members agreed to table third reading of a proposed Ordinance approving a Multi-County Park and Revenue Sharing agreement for Bamberg, Allendale, Barnwell and Hampton Counties until a meeting is held in January to work out some disagreements and tabled third reading on a similar Tri-County Park agreement.

• Council approved a resolution of an amendment to the Master Agreement for the establishment of the Quad- County Industry Park involving the four counties.

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