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Town of Ehrhardt Beautification Project Plans going forward Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

With the passage of a County-wide Capital One Cent Sales Tax Referendum on November 6th, the Town of Ehrhardt is looking to move forward with a proposed beautification project downtown. Ehrhardt Town Council members agreed at their November 20th, meeting that they would look at focusing attention on the old city hall building and purchasing the adjacent corner lot for the proposed project.

Council members cited the towns of Bowman, Harleysville and Hampton as examples of municipalities that have undertaken beautification projects and agreed that Ehrhardt Council members would look at those projects and see if those towns still have their original plans. Council members said they would also set up a meeting with officials from the Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism, who are responsible for drawing up plans.

Funding for the beautification project would come from the $60,000 Capital One Cents Sales Tax, $20,000 from the department of Parks and Recreation and the Schuetzenfest Inc. Committee would kick in another $20,000 for a total of $100,000. Mayor Bill Stanley noted it was important to have the plans for the project in hand, but he noted that when the actual drawing starts, “people will be looking to be paid.” Council member Mayor Pro Tem Bill Edinger noted that once the beautification project is completed the town could then go after money for a streetscape project.

Also during the meeting, Ehrhardt Chief of Public Safety Chad Dilling reported the department had no fires in the last month. The fire department did respond to assist an EMS call and setting up a landing zone at the ball field. November 26th, was designated as a cleanup day at fire station and the Ehrhardt Christmas Parade would be held on December 3rd, at 5:00 pm.

In the police department report Chief Dilling announced the hiring of new police officer Antonio Green. Chief Dilling noted Green was in his final semester at Voorhees College. Officer Green is a native of Varnville, but now lives Denmark. It was noted Green has no prior law enforcement experience, but has been on patrol with officers of the Bamberg Police Department.

In his police department report Chief Dilling also noted that “October was a pretty busy month” with the department creating 14 cast files that included the following cases: public drunk, littering, possession of drug paraphernalia, speeding, DUS, open container, stolen credit card, thief from a vehicle, assault and battery, stolen merchandise, and missing auto tag light. Chief Dilling stated that citizens should make sure to lock their vehicles this time of year, when crime “gets worse.” And lookout for neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the police department. It was also noted of growing problems with dogs being loose in town. It was stated that the town needed to look into getting traps for the loose dogs. And it was noted the last trap purchased cost $200.

It was also stated that buzzards still roosting on the water tank was a problem. It was noted that a permit was obtained to terminate three of the birds. A federal permit would only allow termination of five birds it was noted. Mayor Stanley noted from an appearance standpoint the birds roosting “looked bad” but “did not affect the water or anything.”

Public Works Commissioner Freddie Copeland reported that October collections in the water department amounted to $13,040.09. He noted that 15 customers had their water cutoff last month for none payments. November collections in the water department to-date amounted to $11,063.09. Town Administrator Kathie Stroman stated that an e-mail response on a new car for the police department “sounded positive.” “I hope we get the car,” Mayor Stanley said.

Mayor Stanley reported that it looks like the town will be allowed to use one of its wells and some additional information will need to be provided. “It’s been a hard fight, but looks like they will help us use it,” the Mayor said.

It was also noted that a parcel of land across the field from the ball park was given to the town by the Copeland family.

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