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Written by Mallory D. Biering   

“To help everybody in need,” is the goal of Bamberg County’s Cheeze & Cracker Box according to Director Enid Bishop, who has been with the mission for 30 years. Bishop thought nothing working as a volunteer for the Cheeze & Cracker box until she was asked about it in a beauty shop. After that day, she began working and gradually worked her way into her current position. Bishop, along with eight volunteers, have moved from behind the shops on Main Street near The House of Pizza in Bamberg, to a home rented from Attorney Chris Wilson, at 1162 North Street, Bamberg.

Bishop said, “I wasn’t about to move,” but further explained Paul Sandifer and Trent Kinard had other plans for her and the much needed services provided through the building. Bishop said the old facility had a bathroom that did not work, leaks in the ceiling causing food and clothing to become damaged and unusable. However, Sandifer and Kinard helped Bishop find a new and what Bishop says to be a “much nicer,” facility.

Bishop’s passion to help people is apparent to any who meet her. “I love people,” she repeatedly said, while overseeing volunteers organizing the clothing surrounding them. It doesn’t matter who a person is, what color their skin is, or how much money they have or how much money they don’t have. Bishop believes if a person needs help, they will help them.

What comes “quite naturally” to Bishop and her volunteers is a compassionate heart for helping others, something Bishop says many people do not possess. However, she feels her volunteers who include: Mary Smith, Joey Sutton, Doc Bishop, Cathy Griffin, Barbara Wright, Janis Steedly, Bernice Henderson and Debbie Cherry all possess the needed skills to help run The Cheeze & Cracker Box. Her motto, “There, but for the grace of God go I,” is what she believes has helped their goal become such a successful part of the Bamberg County community.

Bishop knows one day she will have to leave her position, even though she does not plan on leaving any time soon. She is always looking for more volunteers who are filled with compassion, hard working, and can feel for others. Mary Smith, a volunteer for 20 years says, working [here] “has done more for me than I’ve done for it.” Joey Sutton, a 7-year volunteer, says Bishop has been “wonderful,” and he receives, “satisfaction from helping,” and added “we have a great community, that likes to donate.”

Bishop and her husband will be found on December 1st as Grand Marshals for the City of Bamberg Christmas Parade, Bishop and her husband say it’s a wonderful honor to have been given this opportunity. But Bishop seemed even more grateful to those who work with her and for those who donate to the efforts they push for every day. “We’ve always had wonderful support from Bamberg County. All we have to do is ask. Please keep helping us.”

Since the move, there have been problems with the phone system. Bishop asked if anyone needs to reach them, they may call (803) 245-2507.

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