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My back to school memories

As school begins each year, I can't help but think of my experiences throughout my education. I never thought about school the way I do now, until I began college. Professors at USC Upstate, like Dr. Marlow, Dr. Godfrey, and Dr. Knight are just a few examples of educators who helped me discover a passion for knowledge.

Dr. Marlow my linguistics professor, always seemed to host a continuous discussion of a word's origin. Dr. Godfrey, in Gothic Literature, spiraled me into an obsession with Jack the Ripper and 18th Century British Literature. Finally, Dr. Knight, my creative writing professor, taught me how to share the roots of my desires through writing.

I never would have made it to meet the previously stated people had it not been for my teachers at Richard Carroll Primary and Elementary School.

My first day in 5K was with Mrs. Bessie Cogburn. Her classroom was full of books, different areas for playtime, and new friends to make. It was Cogburn who was with me the first time I ever tied my shoes by myself. In first grade, Mrs. Gerry Hiers welcomed me into her classroom. She taught me how to read and always asked for a volunteer to say the blessing before lunch. In the second grade, Mrs. Karen Herndon's class was extremely exciting. Her creative teaching style always made the classroom fun and educational. She hosted a field trip to her home for an Easter Egg Hunt, and even allowed us to put on a Christmas play for our family.

I have had the opportunity, since moving back to Bamberg, to meet these ladies once again. To me, they haven't changed at all. Their caring hearts and willingness to help others is as apparent as ever.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the teachers in this nation, especially here in Bamberg County. I appreciate everything you all have done for the citizens of this community. You teach students how to see past the stereotypes of this world, and what it really means to have a craving for knowledge. Teachers, please never forget when you feel like what you are doing doesn't matter, or your students aren't connecting with the lesson at hand, know that you could be the reason someone achieves a dream come true. You help shape the future of Bamberg County.

I would like to especially thank the following individuals for choosing a career in teaching: Mrs. Gouge, thank you for taking the time to really listen, and for keeping up with me over the years. Mrs. Windsor, you're the only person who could have taught me to look at literature the way you did.

And finally, David Calvin-- thank you for appreciating me as the individual that I am. You are truly a blessing to this world.

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