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Bamberg School District Two

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Bamberg School District Two (Denmark-Olar Schools) is ready to get started with a new year of learning according to district superintendent Dr. Thelma Sojourner. “We’re excited about the excitement the faculty and staff tend to bring in getting started,” Dr. Sojourner added, “Everybody is energized and ready to get started again.”

Dr. Sojourner stated the district’s theme for this year continues to be, “Student achievement, accountability, attendance and turning it all around.” She noted the district is “working to make sure our students’ academic needs are addressed.” New to the district this year is an anti-bullying program that starts in Pre-K and continues through 12th grade. The program will involve the entire district, including faculty, staff, as well as bus drivers and custodians. “It’s a profound program, that will address issues at the schools,” Sojourner stated.

The district will also be looking into implementing an after school or extended day program this year, specifically in the areas of math and reading. In the area of academia, Dr. Sojourner, who was director of curriculum before she started her present job, noted that master teachers and instructional coaches will be working “specifically with teachers.” During the summer, the district’s teachers participated in four days of “intensive training” in the district’s summer institute, where they looked at formulating the district’s long range plans.

In the area of technology, the district placed additional lap top computers and personal computers in classrooms at all three schools.

The superintendent was proud to say that Denmark-Olar Middle School scored an “A” on the state’s last assessment test. "They [middle school students] were extremely focused,” she said, noting the district's willingness to maintain the standard at the middle school again this year. The district will continue working to address areas of improvement in the elementary and high school.

The district also went through a recent energy audit sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters. The program involved volunteers from the University of South Carolina and Summerville. The volunteers went through and under buildings in the district and helped do some chalking. Along with the chalking, the district had an inspection of its lighting system, heating and HVAC systems. The district was informed of simple steps like turning the pilot light off of the gas stoves in the kitchens could save the district money. The district also learned of a rebate program available through South Carolina Electric Gas Company .“We learned the district can save some money in the energy area if the district is tentative to certain factors,” Dr. Sojourner said.

As of Monday morning at 7:30 am Dr. Sojourner stated Bamberg School District Two “is fully staffed and ready to go" for the 2012-13 school year.

Cheez and Cracker Box Director:
Asking county residents for ‘extra effort’

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

At one time the Cheez and Cracker Box received support from every town and community in Bamberg County, but those days are no more says long time director Enid Bishop. With unemployment at record highs in the County, the agency is serving food to at least 40 families per month, and “seeing fresh faces every week, new people.” She noted that in all the years the Cheez and Cracker Box has been in business, it has never had to turn anybody down for lack of food.

“At one time I called this place a spider web because it went into every corner of the county,” Bishop said, adding “we want people from all parts of the county to increase their support.”

Bishop is asking the schools, businesses and churches in Bamberg County to make an “extra effort” to have food drives for the agency from now until Christmas. She said the agency is also accepting money, with no amount too small, “it could be as small as five dollars.”

The director stated the agency tries to give staples and a variety of food to those in need if they can. Bishop said that the money donated is spent in local grocery stores. She stated that the Cheez and Cracker Box is presently planning for its Christmas program, but they can’t do it without the extra help from the citizens of the County. “We need more food drives, from all parts of the County. We’ve really appreciated all the support we’ve had through the years,” Bishop said, with her voice breaking with emotion. “We couldn’t have stayed open without it.”

Raiders take third in a row over Bruins

Jerry E. Halmon, Sports Editor

Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School senior tailback Demetrius Odom scored two first half touchdowns rushing, and the junior tandem of quarterback Sumner Cooler and tight end K.C. Crosby connected on three second half touchdowns to lead the Class 2-A state ranked Bamberg- Ehrhardt High School Red Raider football team (1-0) to its third consecutive win over 3-A rival Orangeburg-Wilkinson (0-1) at Leon Maxwell Stadium Friday night by a score of 35-21. Junior place kicker Matt Maxwell stepped up to the plate and was a perfect five-for-five on points after touchdowns. Coach Crosby noted that Maxwell came in “and did a good job” of kicking the ball. The young Red Raider defense turned in a solid performance giving up only one big play against a traditionally high powered Bruin spread offense.

“We just came out and played well,” Coach Kevin “Butch” Crosby said of his team’s performance Friday night, adding, “We started a little slow in the first half. I thought we turned it around in the second half. On the outstanding pass catching performance of junior tight end K.C. Crosby, Coach Crosby noted the Bruins defense was caught in a one-on-one situation with the junior All-America a couple of times.

“He did a great job of catching the ball. We’re glad he had the game he had tonight.” On being considered an underdog to the higher classification Bruins the first couple of times the two programs met. Crosby said taking nothing away from the Bruins he doesn’t see his team as being underdogs to the ‘higher classification’ Bruins.

“We expect to win every game. We treat them no different from any other team we play this year. That’s a great football team down there. Coach Brown (Tommy) and his staff do a great job with them. Our kids work hard just like the next man. Every time we step on the field we expect to win.”


Jerry E. Halmon, Sports Editor

The Denmark-Olar Vikings dropped their season opening football game against Hunter Kinard Tyler by a score of 16-15 Friday night in Norway.

The Raiders of Jefferson Davis Academy fell at home in Week Zero to SCISA 8-man power W. W. King Academy by a score of 66-20. Noah Bearden had seven carries for 63 yards and two TDs for JDA.

Raffle for K-9 Unit

Mallory Biering, Staff Reporter

The Bamberg Police Department (BPD) hosted a raffle for a Harrington and Richardson 12-gauge pump shotgun to raise money for a future K-9 Unit. The winner of the raffle was Nick Sretenovich, drawn by Police Commissioner, Bo Griffin.

According to Karen Proveaux, Officer Manager of the BPD, the raffle raised $1,500.38 towards the goal of the $10,000, needed to obtain the K-9 Unit. As of now, the K- 9 Officer is unknown, but the money raised will go towards purchasing the dog, and the training of the K-9 Officer.

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