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Missing teen found

Mallory Biering, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, a juvenile was reported missing in Bamberg. The juvenile, a 15-year- old female, ran away from home. After speaking with the subject’s father, he stated this was not the first time his daughter has run away. He also said she had not received her medications since the previous day and the family was concerned for her safety.

According to the incident report from the Bamberg Police Department, the mother last saw her daughter in her room around 11 pm. The father stated she left home before he and his wife awoke around 8 am. His anxiousness surrounded the wellbeing of his daughter, considering her special needs and lack of her daily medication.

However, the City of Bamberg pulled together and she was found. Police officers and fire fighters spent the day searching homes, around the schools, and in the woods throughout the community until she was found just before dark.

Teachers ‘excited’ about new RCES

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

“This is one year that everyone will be excited in going back to school,” said Lisa Thomas, a 3rd Grade, ELA Teacher, at the new Richard Carroll Elementary School (RCES) in Bamberg, as she was busy Monday morning preparing her class for the first day of school. “I feel the excitement of everyone to return to school this year,” Thomas, who is a 27-year veteran educator, said because of her and her fellow staff members relocating to the spacious new RCES located on Highway 301 North in Bamberg.

Thomas noted the technology choices were “endless” at the new RCES, with interactive “whiteboards” connected to Mac Apple Computers for each teacher. She noted the new school was “very energy efficient” when it comes to water usage. And she stated having bathrooms in the classrooms will “solve a ton of problems” instead of having kids leave the classroom and go down the hall. Thomas said she hoped the new school would cut down on behavior problems “because students will take pride” in a nice, new facility.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest comments Thomas hears about the new school is the much larger cafeteria and the new stage. Thomas stated the new school is really “coming together” with the help from the students and faculty members from RCPS, RCES, and the Sixth Grade students and teachers from BEMS.

She said that last year all the teachers were asked to sign up to be on different committees to make the new school a more welcoming place and to get more parent involvement in the school. Thomas noted to foster a sense of unity the committees came up with a logo for a school tee shirt that says: When one door closes another one opens. Ours are brand new. She continued to say, “We want to get the parents and community more involved.”

Linda Warren, who has 20 years of experience in education, and is a 5-year old Kindergarten teacher at the new RCES, said she “was glad” to be at the new school. Warren noted that she was “so excited” that kids in Bamberg School District One would now have the same quality learning environment as other kids in other areas of the state.

Everything is coming up roses for Richard Carroll Elementary School First Grade Teacher Lindsey McCully. McCully, who attended Winthrop University, and received her master’s degree in Educational Technology. This is her first year of teaching and starting her career in a brand new school. “I’m really excited, a little nervous, but more excited than nervous,” McCully said Monday morning. McCully, who comes from a long line of educators, is the niece of RCES Teacher Madge Fleming and BEHS Head Baseball Coach Tracy Fleming of Bamberg, and the granddaughter of former 1970s BEHS Head Football Coach Richard Phillips.

McCully described the faculty at RCES as being “very close knit” noting, “I can tell, I’m going to be on a great team that really cares and will be open to sharing ideas and listening to my ideas too.” McCully described her teaching style as “hands-on.” She noted she likes to “build communities” of learning and “individualize” her teaching for each child.

On having her first teaching job being in a brand new school, McCully said, “All my friends who have teaching jobs are jealous,” she said. “I’m blessed to have gotten in a brand new school my first year. Most people don’t even get to be in a brand new school at anytime during their careers.”

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