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A wellness park..Whatís next?

Dear Editor,

It seems most Americans are drowning in debt. If you ride down most of the streets here and see all the for sale signs up, and yet the counties are talking about raising more taxes. Jobs are so hard to find for most people and every day we hear about layoffs. Interests on our savings are so low it would be best to bury what little money we have in the back yard. And guess what? - You know who- is talking about building a wellness park. This has to be the biggest farce we have seen since they put up railings down Main Street. Who cares? We can walk in the woods anytime we want without spending our tax money. Whatís next? We vets donít need a monument in the woods. Just say thank you.

I once read that we have the best political leaders in our county that money can buy. Not a backbone in the whole lot, or else we would never have lost our hospital. If you think we will ever see a new hospital, you must believe in the tooth fairy. What gives us the right to condemn those in Washington when we canít take care of our own local needs? Yet we keep reelecting them over and over again. Thomas Payne once wrote- These are the times that try menís souls. Never so true here in Bamberg, South Carolina.

Thurman Nichols, Bamberg

Old Friends thanks everyone

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank everyone involved in the 30th Old Friends Golf Invitational. It was a huge success! We had 13 gold sponsors, 2 silver sponsors, and 3 bronze sponsors. These sponsors gave various monetary amounts to aid in the success of the tournament. We were also very fortunate to have 40 businesses and individuals to sponsor a hole for $100.00 each. We had 40 golf teams of 4 golfers each play in the 2-day tournament. A Big thanks goes out to Tom Cornforth of Paw Paw Country Club and all of the golfers, men, women, and juniors who participated this year. Friday nightís auction was an enormous success thanks to the auction committee and all donors. Old Friends is an entire week full of activities for all ages. We want to thank everyone in the community whether you attended an event, donated to an event, or were on the committee to plan an event. Also, we would like to thank the Advertizer-Herald for their coverage of all the events and the awards ceremony. Lastly, we want to thank the active members of the Old Friends committee. Without all of your hard work, Old Friends would not be the success that it is.

Allison Harper & Elizabeth Weaver, Co-Chairs Old Friends 2012

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