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Sunday is your day mothers

What makes a Mother’s Day special? Is it the day when she holds a newborn child in her arms for the first time? Is it when she sees her children grow up and graduate from school or college? Or could it be any day in her life when a child says I love you, Mom?

Proverbs 31:28 reads, “Her children arise up and call her blessed.” They will certainly do that if she is a good mother and listens to what they have to say and will not betray their trust when secrets are told to her. A wise mother lets her children try new things and never says “I told you so,” if they fail.

At a meeting of the Cub Scouts one day some of the boys were misbehaving. One child rather large for his age said, “If they had a mom like mine they would not act that way.” His mom weighed only 110 pounds or so yet her boys were well behaved. She demanded total respect and punished the boys when it was not given. Yet she would stay up late at night baking cookies or completing a costume they needed for school the next day.

This mom had dreams of days that would come when she could have more time for herself. When she mentioned some future time for this she would always say, “But my boys come first until they are grown up and able to take care of themselves.”

It is certainly true today that a mother does not have to spend hours each day washing and ironing or even cooking meals. The many modern conveniences that we have today have cut down on the hard work most mothers had to do when clothes were washed by hand and hung outside on a line to dry.

There are many middle age mothers who have two or three children in college at the same time and after seeing that they have what they need there is little money left for them to spend on clothing and other things they need. Then there are ladies who have no children who can afford to go to the beauty shop each week but in most cases they wish they were blessed with being a mother.

When the day comes that mothers can go to see their children graduate from college, see them find good jobs and eventually get married and have their own families, mothers can then realize how much of a blessing they have had by being a good Christian mother to their children. Their lives will be so rich and full of exciting things.

All mothers have a big influence on their children for good or bad. Mothers must have some courage because it takes courage just to feed and clothe a family. All good mothers must make some sacrifices for their children. Even if the family is well off financially they will need to sacrifice their time and spend as much of it as possible with their children.

One of the mothers in the Old Testament who loved her son so much that she was willing to give him to the service of the Lord was Hannah. Her special day came once each year when she could journey to the temple to visit with her son taking him clothes she had made and other gifts.

A former prisoner of war who spent several months in a Vietnam prison camp told his mother when he was able to return home that knowing she was praying for him daily gave him the strength he needed to make it through those trying days.

Have a blessed day Sunday mothers because it’s your day and thank you for directing your children in the right path. It is an awesome responsibility to be a good mother to your children.

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