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Relay for Life begs permission Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

In the public comments portion of the Bamberg School District One April meeting Bamberg County Relay for Life Co-Chair Mollie Jo Brandemuehl addressed trustee board members with a request that the organization be allowed to use Leon Maxwell Stadium for the May 18 event.

We “beg the use of the football field for the Relay for Life,” Brandemuehl said, noting that there were “issues” at the Ness Sports Complex, where the event was held last year that could not be resolved, for example parking and other issues. She noted that the organization was looking at using a portion of the old railroad berm between the First Baptist Church and Trinity United Methodist Church, but she noted that there were issues with lighting, noting that the BPW had agreed to installing temporary lighting for the event.

Brandemuehl said the Relay for Life would “work with the school” to eliminate any issues like damage to the sprinkler system, which was allegedly a reason why the event was moved from the stadium. She stated that there would also be security provided for the event.

“We need this field for Relay for Life, we’re asking for permission to use the football field,” Brandemuehl said. Bamberg School District One Chairwoman Rita Sease told Brandemuehl, “we will get back with you.”

Also during the meeting:

• Dale Collier of the Brownstone Construction Group gave an overview of the district’s renovation and construction projects. “I’m well pleased with the construction projects,” Collier said. Collier noted that there was “no additional work” to be done at the middle school other than the remaining work in the kitchen area. At the high school there was “a lot” of classroom work to be done before school starts in August. At the new elementary school Collier noted the work is “quickly approaching” a July completion day.

• Trustee Board members gave their approval to a list of smaller projects to be done to the district’s facilities that were left out of the major construction and renovation project out of concern for cost over runs. The total cost of the projects is approximately $104,000 which trustee board member Chris Wallace noted amounted to one fourth of one percent of the original $29 million.

• Superintendent Schwarting reported that because of an incident involving two students driving their cars to the Cope Career Center, all students must now ride the bus to Cope. No students are allowed to use their private vehicles. It’s a matter of addressing “a safety issue” before something serious happens,” Superintendent Schwarting said, noting that the district has not received any complaints from parents.

• In discussion of the district’s policy on food service debt collection it was noted that the same policy was in place as last month for children with a special addendum added for adults.

• Board members agreed to table a request to deed fifteenth hundredth of an acre of land to the Bamberg Board of Public Works for the BPW to maintain a lift station for the district. Trustees also agreed to table until next month’s meeting a request from the BPW for a right of access to school property in case of an emergency.

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