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MAMAS needs help from local volunteers

Dear Editor,

A dog chained to a tree or a post with no shade, shelter, food or water is not a humane sight. A dog chained with the collar embedded in the neck area is not a humane sight. A mangy dog starving to death is not a humane sight. A dog with its foot mangled from being caught in an illegal trap is not a humane sight. These are just a few of the cases of dogs that have come to the Bamberg County Animal Shelter (MAMAS). What would have happened if these dogs did not have a place to get healed emotionally and physically? MAMAS is here for the residents of Bamberg County to bring dogs that are unwanted or neglected.

The shelter is also here to adopt dogs to its residents. Did you know that over 478 dogs/puppies entered into the shelter in 2011? There were only 11 adoptions locally, 4 adoptions to Hilton Head, and 463 to the rescues and private adopters in the northern states.

If it was not for the hardworking people at MAMAS and the coordinators for the northern states, our local shelter would have to become a kill shelter because it would not be humanely possible to take care of so many dogs.

Last Saturday 2 puppies (Mary Beth and Caroline) brought to the Bamberg County shelter last July after being found living alone on a dirt road drainage ditch and frightened of people were adopted from the Baltimore Humane Society. They were sent to Baltimore, MD because they had a greater chance of being adopted there than in this county.

Before Caroline and Mary Beth could go many months passed as they were getting ready socially and physically. Vaccinations and meds had to be given and then a final trip to the vet for a clean bill of health certificate. Many, many hours were given to them as are given to the other dogs/puppies for them to be adopted or transported up north by the staff and volunteers at MAMAS.

MAMAS is given only $6000 a quarter by the Bamberg County Council which sometimes does not even cover the vet bills for that period. Where does the remainder of the money come from? Some comes from a few generous supporters in our county, but the vast majority comes from our adoptions up north. In fact, Baltimore Humane Society will give money to MAMAS for the adoptions of Mary Beth and Caroline.

Bamberg County residents, businesses, and plants, it is time for you to take a part in the welfare of the helpless animals in this county. The shelter should not have to depend on people who live 500+ miles away to keep it open.

Locally, MAMAS needs a person who has a computer and a phone and can invest time in contacting some of our northern rescues about adoptable dogs.

MAMAS needs individuals or businesses and plants to sponsor us monthly by way of furnishing all our heart worm prevention medicines and/or flea treatments.

There is a possibility that MAMAS will be able to get a gently used trailer to replace the old one in the summer. The shelter needs people, businesses, and plants, to step in and get the new one moved to the site and set up free of charge to the shelter.

Lastly, MAMAS is in need of large and small monetary donations to keep the animal shelter afloat. The mailing address is: PO Box 1151, Bamberg, SC 29003.

Without MAMAS, overpopulation and the inhumane treatment of dogs will continue to grow. Letís get going Bamberg County and help MAMAS to have one of the most successful shelters.

Janis Steedly, Bamberg

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