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Denmark proposes to replace dead dogwood trees Print E-mail

Denmark Mayor Gerald Wright reported on a “need to replace dead dogwood trees in the city,” as a recommendation from the City Planning and Zoning Commission. “There was an observation,” he noted, “by the Planning and Zoning Commission that we should replace some of the dogwood trees that have died and to consider our tree cutting efforts. There were practical reasons for cutting some of the trees,’ he explained, “One was to improve the looks of city hall, another from a request of a property owner to remove a tree that had fallen on his house, and on two occasions people have been injured because of sidewalks that have been pushed up the tree roots.

Concerning a proposed resolution by Denmark City Council February 21 opposing treated wastewater being dumped into the Edisto River as proposed by Saluda County and the Batesburg-Leesville Wastewater Treatment Plant, Denmark Mayor Gerald Wright passed around a draft resolution, saying “I don’t want you to knee-jerk on this. Read it and study it and then we can have a call meeting to discuss it.”

In part the resolution says that the “Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority and the town of Batesburg-Leesville have entered into an agreement …to provide wastewater services to Saluda County, requiring Saluda County to construct a pipeline and pump station … this agreement represents a waste of federal and state funds at a time when no entity can afford to do so."

The proposed resolution further states that “if the construction of the pump station and sewer line are allowed to continue there will be significant and recognizable damage to the environment of the Edisto River... f dramatic increased of nutrient concentrations and residue of sewage in the stream.”

In explanation, Denmark resident Shirley Robinson told Council that she attended a meeting of the Municipal Association legislative day. “We were introduced to the Batesburg-Leesville mayor pro tem and the State had approached him to adopt the agreement for Batesburg- Leesville to provide wastewater treatment services to Saluda County. My understanding is that there is a chicken processing plant and, I think, a dog food plant, with a lot of waste to be dumped into the Edisto River. It will trickle down through towns along the way to the ocean and will effect all of the towns on the way.”

Denmark Mayor Wright then asked for Council to consider the resolution and “perhaps set a time when we can meet again to discuss the resolution and other concerns of Council.”

Denmark City Administrator Heyward Robinson passed out a letter of support for the SC Regional Health System’s need for a hospital replacement in the Bamberg/Barnwell area asking that citizens and Council sign letters of support for the new hospital.

Council discussed and approved the nomination for Loretta Tyler to be placed on the City planning and zoning board.

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