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Communications between the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbia Police Department recently led to the discovery of a large number of pit bull dogs and puppies near a Denmark residence.

According to a Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office Incident Report, on February 13, Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were informed by investigators in the Columbia Police Department that they had received information from a subject concerning the location of some pit bull dogs that were allegedly stolen from Columbia, South Carolina and were reportedly being held at a residence on Zorn Street in Denmark.

When Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrived at the address on Zorn Street and made contact with the occupant of the residence, they were informed that the dogs observed by the Deputies “in the woods was not” those of his and that his land only went to the wooded area. The incident reported noted that the residence was “extremely belligerent” to them when they inquired about the dogs. The resident of the house indicated that the two pits directly behind his house and the three dogs’ right behind them were also his.

According to the incident report, when Deputies went through a wooded area they found at least 15 to 16 pit dogs and puppies. According to the incident report, Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office personnel made contact with the Columbia Police Department Investigators to inform them of what they had found in Denmark. Columbia Investigators stated “it was hard to determine” whether they (pit bulls) belonged to Columbia, but believed some of them did “due to the statement from their subject.” The Columbia officers stated that they were “on the way down to our location to pick up the dogs.”

According to the incident report at approximately two hours later “only four dogs and some puppies” were taken. The Columbia Officers and Animal Control stated that they would have to return to the house with more vehicles to get the other dogs. It was noted in the report that several of the dogs reportedly did belong to them in Columbia.

"These dogs included 14 of the 16 that had been stolen from the animal shelter in Columbia during three different break-ins where only pit bulls had been taken," Bamberg County Sheriff Darnell said.

The incident report noted that a subject came to the office stating the Columbia Police Department “was looking for him.” He was given the phone number and address of the Columbia Police Department.

"Initially, they caught two and two got away," Darnell said. "Dezmon Jones turned himself in to the Columbia Police Department Tuesday afternoon."

Two others arrested in the case were Raven Perry, 17, of Blackville and a 13-year old juvenile, the sheriff said.

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