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Citizen requests Mayor Gerald Wright’s resignation

Dear Editor,

The Denmark Town Meeting was held December 19, at the Brooker center. Many citizens were at this meeting. I requested to Mayor Gerald Wright that he RESIGN. Under the 2011 DHEC SANITARY SURVEY, which was not made public, UNTIL SOMEONE REQUESTED IT, and it was not given to some of the COUNCIL members, who requested a copy of the survey and finally got it. Under this a council person, requested this data to be shared with the public and this council person took a paper to Denmark City Hall to have it placed on the counter so citizens would be made aware of this survey and this council person was not allowed to put it on the counter. The Mayor is suppose by his duties in the City Ordinance book under section 30.15 MAYOR; POWERS AND DUTIES number (2) He is to direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the municipality except as otherwise provided by this code. Also under this number (6)To submit to the Council and MAKE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC A COMPLETE REPORT ON THE FINANCES (AND ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITIES) OF THE MUNICIPALITY as of the end of each fiscal year.

The Mayor is to keep the Council informed of documents that involve the public, which he did NOT make public the DHEC WATER SURVEY, which council (some) were not informed of this document. When one of the Council persons did finally get this document a letter was written to put into the city hall and this Council person was not allowed to put it there as I stated earlier in this letter. The city in this report under the DHEC WATER SURVEY under number 8 states, THE SYSTEM, SHOULD REVIEW THE DATA IT HAS OBTAINED FOR BILLING AND METER READINGS, AS ERRORS WERE APPARENT UPON REVIEW AND CITY PERSONNEL WERE UNABLE TO EXPLAIN (SIGNIFICANT FLUCTUATIONS IN BILLING RECORDS).

Mayor Wright had knowledge of this and did not report this, significant fluctuations in Billing records, ERRORS WERE PRESENT. The Mayor is to inform the Council and the public on our water problems and the finances, and in the 2008 AUDIT he was aware of , under the FINDING in this AUDIT, it states: THERE APPEARS TO BE INCONSISTENCIES IN THE WATER AND SEWER RATES (in the city vs. out of the city CHARGED TO CUSTOMERS. The RECOMMENDATION in the 2008 AUDIT was; We RECOMMEND THAT THE ASSIGNED RATES BE REVIEWED TO INSURE ALL CUSTOMERS ARE BEING CHARGED THE PROPER RATES.

I also asked Mayor Wright if former Council person EVERETT COMER'S was still on AS A AUTHORIZED PERSON to sign off on the city of Denmark checking accounts, and Mayor Wright would not give me an answer at the December 19th meeting if this former Council person was still signing off on city checks.

Also in this meeting, citizens brought up meters not being read and bills being the same amount each month, which would be impossible.

The 2009 DHEC WATER SURVEY also had many violations and the MAYOR was aware of this report and some of the violations are in the 201l report making these violations on going, and now the WATER ENFORCEMENT BOARD has become involved and a person at the December 19 meeting brought up this matter and the Mayor would not discuss this matter.

I again feel like Mayor Wright has failed his COUNCIL and the CITIZENS in Denmark in many areas and should now RESIGN.

Documents have been turned over to SLED concerning many of the city matters in the water charges of meter readings and finances of where is 52% of the city's water loss.

Johnnie Ruth Rosa, Denmark

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