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Ehrhardt PD Recovers Stolen Items Print E-mail

“We have found stolen merchandise but we have no victims," said Ehrhardt Police Chief Chad Dilling at the town council meeting. Chief Dilling gave the police report and stated that a number of items including some jewelry have been found which appear to have been stolen but no one has filed a police report. Without a police report being filed, there is no way to begin to find the rightful owners. Chief Dilling also stressed the importance of having serial numbers written down just in case your home or place of business is burglarized. Councilman Freddie Copeland questioned, if there is an engraved identifiable mark is that sufficient? Chief Dilling said that would probably be adequate but the serial number was still the best way to identify stolen property. Chief Dilling requests that if you see any suspicious activity please CALL 911.

Other police reports included burglaries, moving violations, assaults, DUS, DUI and open container which occurred during the month stated Chief Dilling.

The Fire Department was having a slow month. They have been assisting EMS on several calls, including one fall from a deer stand where medical helicopter was called to transport the hunter. The extrication class was completed and Ehrhardt now has 5 firefighters certified to operate the 'Jaws of life.'

The fire department participated in the 'Bamberg County 9-11-2011 Memorial Service' at the courthouse.

Councilman Bill Edinger and Councilwoman Amy Lee were unopposed during the filing period and the write-in period for re-election to the Ehrhardt Town Council. Patti Jeffcoat, Director of the Voter Registration and Election Office, confirmed there will be no election for Ehrhardt Town Council.

Parks and Recreation Councilman Bennie Hughes, reported the grass will be cut one more time this season and also addressed a concern from the public. Ehrhardt citizen Spencer Hubbard requested that the basketball courts have some lines painted on them.

Councilman Hughes said the town would acquire the paint and Hubbard said he would paint the lines to keep the courts in playable condition.

Another concern was a speeding issue on Ehrhardt Road expressed by Lewis Cantwell, a new resident of Ehrhardt. Cantwell said he lives in the old Rhomie Futch residence which is in a 30 mph speed zone. Being the father of a 4-year-old, his concern was for his family’s safety as tractor-trailers seem to be picking up speed as they drive by. He asked council about the possibility of a speed bump being placed in front of his residence. Councilman Edinger addressed the problem saying he will be talking with someone at SCDOT in the coming weeks to check the feasibility of some deterrent for the speeders. In the meantime, Chief Dilling said his police department will patrol the Ehrhardt road in that area of the town.

In Other Business:

Town Administrator, Kathie Stroman reported the town received checks from Department of Commerce for a grant. She also said budget is at 23% for the quarter. Caldwell Tank plans to do the inspection on the water tank September 22.

Mayor Bill Stanley said there is a need to develop a numbering system for fire hydrants. Chief Dilling said the Fire Department would be glad to assist with numbering and painting the numbers on the hydrants.

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