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Opinions - 03-26-2008 Print E-mail
Written by The Advertizer-Herald   

Storm Stories...

Last week as I was out in the community, I came across several stories about the tornadoes that occurred in our community and surrounding areas. Each story was different, but each one moved me deeply and made me realize how easily it could have been me or my family going through the same experience.

Bamberg experienced only minor damage compared to Allendale and Branchville. Both these towns are small communities like Bamberg, and from what I was told, people from all over the state was there for them, helping them in numerous ways to clean up the storm debris and repair what they could, and help out in anyway that was possible.

As of late Thursday, some were still with out power. Utility workers were working diligently trying to restore power as quickly as they could.

I can only imagine what it would be like, not to have electricity for days. The longest I have been with out it was probably only a few hours and even then I thought that was terrible.

A man in Denmark told of how he was actually in his vehicle on his way home when the tornado came through and he called his wife to tell her he might not make it and he wanted to let her know how much he loved her and their children.

Another Denmark resident said she was in her home and all she could hear was the sound that was similar to a train, but could not see anything because the power was out. It missed her house, but trees were down all around her. She said that was a sound that she would never forget and hoped she would never hear again.

As I was out driving around in the Denmark Community, I noticed how there would be one yard totally devastated and the yard right next to it would not have any storm damage or debris at all.

Another person I talked to told me I really needed to go to Allendale and see how bad the storm damage was there. Even though I did not make it, I took him at his word because I had already heard reports of how bad the devastation was that took place there.

I saw first hand what the storm did to Branchville and talked to several business owners there and the one thing that they all had in common was their faith and determination not to give up. They all are planning to rebuild and start over because they love their little town and this is their home.

Everyone seemed to be pulling together to help one another.

The one good thing about all the stories was, that only by the grace of God, no one was seriously hurt or killed.

Tornadoes are very dangerous, very powerful, and for the most part, you only have time to react and not a lot of time to think.

But, sometimes it takes something like a tornado to make us realize how quickly our lives can change and how much we have to be thankful for.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone that experienced the deadly tornadoes that caused so much damage to their homes and businesses.

May God be with each of you and help you get through these trying times and know that where there is faith there will always be hope.

Good neighbors

Dear Editor,

Denmark, South Carolina still has good neighbors. In the small community of Heritage Highway a group of men pulled together to work for the common goal of restoring water back to their homes.

On Saturday March 15, 2008 when an unexpected tornado came through Denmark uplifting trees, tearing down power lines, record speed wind, and power outages for all, Mr. Vincent Thomas Sr., Mr. Walter Bryant, and Mr. Isaac D. Clinton lost power going to the wells for hours after a tornado came through Denmark. This caused their water pumps to loose itís prime. Mr. Thomas contacted neighbor Bobby Gardner for assistance. Mr. Gardner assisted by getting gallons of water. He also telephoned Mr. Theodore Walker whom specializes in water pumps to help. The group of men decided to work together to restore one house at a time. Mr. Garner retrieved several gallons of water to begin the uphill journey. Mr. Clinton's water pump was worked on first and restored. The group gathered up the supplies and water to take to Mr. Thomas's house. Mr. Thomas's water was restored. Last, but not least, Mr. Bryant water pumped was worked on. The men did not let fatigue, darkness or nothing stop them until all water was restored in each home.

God has a way of pulling something good out of every life experience. Who would have expected a tornado to pull a group of men that only spoke in passing to become community friends. The story of the Good Samaritan still lives today.

Clara Willis-Thomas, Denmark, SC

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