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Bamberg School District One teachers reported to work on Monday, August 8th and students returned to school on Monday, August 15th. Despite the ongoing new construction and remodeling, it was a smooth opening said Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Schwarting.

"There were absolutely no problems and the construction company has gone over and above board to insure the safety of the school's students and its staff. I received a glowing report from the principals of all the schools and there have been no construction related accidents despite all the chaos," she said.

Schwarting says she is so excited about all that is going on with the construction and remodeling.

"We are way ahead of schedule on the elementary school and the middle school will be almost completed by the end of September or the middle of October. The high school will be done in three phases and should be completed by the end of next summer."

Schwarting says even though it appears chaotic, it is orderly...There are temporary walls in place and fences have been put up to keep the students away from the ongoing construction. The construction sites and remodeling areas have been approved by the 'Office of Safety.'

The schools had to pass a safety inspection and had to have permission to occupy the buildings before they were allowed to open.

According to B-E Middle School Principal Troy Phillips, everything was very smooth on opening day even though they are operating with no bells or public address system. Classes have resumed and the students are handling the extra responsibility very well.

The facilities at the middle school are very nice. The hallways have fresh paint and new tile. The cafeteria has been remodeled and the school has three extra classrooms.

"We are nearing the end and we hope to have the front entrance completed by the middle of October. We have a new look and the students and teachers along with myself are very excited and very proud of our school, " said Phillips.

Randy Maxwell, Principal of B-E High School, said it was one of the smoothest school openings he has ever had.

"The students are cooperating and the teachers have stepped up to the plate. It took a lot to get where we are at now, but everything is going great and we are back to school as usual," said Maxwell.

Even though it looks like a huge mess when riding by, students, teachers and faculty all agree that it is business as usual...homework, papers to grade and more lessons to learn.

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