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According to Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell, the Sheriff's Department has been overwhelmed in the past months with an excessive amount of burglaries and break-ins.

"We are just overloaded with the recent cases and we are working diligently to solve them. Anything that citizens can do to help us is certainly welcomed. Just because you don't hear from us, doesn't mean we are not working on your case. Each case is different and some are more involved," said Sheriff Darnell.

The Sheriff recommends that you write down all serial numbers on your equipment, ATV's, lawnmowers etc. and better yet, take pictures or mark your items with something that will be recognized by only you. He suggests using stationary cameras, such as deer cameras which are not that expensive anymore.

"If you or your neighbor sees anything or anyone that looks suspicious, give us a call (803-245-3000) or call 911. We are living in a different world today and criminals are getting even smarter...We have to look out for one another. The days of not locking your door is over. My department is doing the best we can with what we have."

In the past month, the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a series of burglaries and break-ins in the county. On June 13, officers responded to Honey Ford Baptist Church and spoke with a church official who stated that all the missing equipment was there on the previous night at 7 p.m. and when they arrived the next night they found the equipment gone. Missing were two flat screen TV's valued at $700, a DVD Player and recorder valued at $350 and a mixer board (18 channel) and micro-board valued at a total of $1,400. Prints and pictures were taken and information gathered.

On August 11, officers responded to Andrew Jackson Academy where upon arrival it was determined through investigation that entry was possibly gained through the girl’s restroom window. Items found missing was computer hardware/software valued at $475. A Bud Light beer can sitting outside the window ledge that was reportedly not there when school officials last left the property was taken as evidence and sent to the SLED Lab for examination.

On August 14, officers met an official of Gethsemane Baptist Church, who reported that someone had broken into the church and stole a television. Officers observed that the door leading to the fellowship hall had been pried open and the door frame along the door had been damaged. Reported missing from the church was a Visio LCD HD flat screen TV valued at $1,200 and $600 in damages to a steel door. The report noted that there were “many valuable items” that were in the church but not stolen. Sheriff department officials will request that the TV be placed into N.C.I.C.

On August 19, officers met with a man on the Hunters Chapel Road, who stated that he left his John Deere Tractor with four wheel drive and with a front end loader valued at $26,000 at a farm where he was cutting hay for a farmer who had gone out of town for the week-in. When the farmer returned from out of town he noticed the tractor was gone, but thought the owner had picked it up. When the owner of the tractor returned to the farm to pick up his tractor he discovered his tractor was gone. The tractor will be entered into the N.C.I.C.

On August 24, officers responded to a Broxton Bridge Road address in reference to a trailer being stolen from a victim’s yard. Upon arrival officers spoke with a victim who stated that she came home that morning around 8:30 a.m. the trailer was still in the yard and when she arrived back home after work the trailer was missing. Missing with the trailer valued at $6,000 were household goods, (furniture and bedroom suit) and lawn equipment valued at $11,500.

Anyone having information on any of these burglaries are asked to contact the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office at 803-245-3000 or 803-245-3018.

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