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City of Denmark receives $495,500

Joyce M. Searson, Publisher

Governor Nikki Haley announced last week that the City of Denmark will receive a $495,500 Community Infrastructure Grant from the Community Development Block Grant Program.

The funds will be used to upgrade the lagoons at two city wastewater treatment facility locations.

Mayor Gerald Wright appreciates Governor Haley and commends all parties involved in getting this done, especially Administrator Heyward Robinson, City Council, Lower Savannah Council of Government and Nora Sanders. "We will use these funds to upgrade the lagoons with new liners which will enhance our ability to treat wastewater for the citizens of Denmark and for future industries in Denmark."

Mayor Wright said they had just recently added two new water wells and have contracted to upgrade the Rice Street wastewater lift station.

Administrator Heyward Robinson said this is just one of the many improvements taking place in Denmark. "We have contracted to repair and paint city hall, will be installing 35 new fire hydrants, and the Dane Theatre will get a new face lift. The city is getting a new library and there will be improvements at the intersection of Highway 78 and 321. This does not include the opening of the new Masonite Company which was recently announced," said Robinson.

Pamela Halmon...children are my life

Joyce M. Searson, Publisher

Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when you find out that someone that is so involved in the community was not even born in that community?

This is the case when it comes to Pamela Halmon.

Pamela was born in Annapolis , Maryland, grew up in the military, and calls herself a ‘Military Brat.’ She ended up in Bamberg by chance or should we say fate. She came to Bamberg in 1984 after her first husband passed away and met her second husband, Jerry Halmon.

Pamela has worked at Bamberg School District One since 1984 and that is where she and Jerry met.

Now, most everyone knows Jerry Halmon. He is the reporter for the Advertizer Herald and is retired from Bamberg School District One. Together they have four children, Tony, Georgina, Jacob and Nicholas.

“I have worked with children all my life. “I love children,” said Pamela.

When the charter for Cub Scout Pack 441 at Thankful Baptist Church ran out in December 2010, she did not get discouraged or even think about giving up. She was dedicated in keeping the pack active. They kept meeting at different places until Chester Hightower called and said, “Mrs. Halmon, I have a place for you.” Trinity United Methodist Church in Bamberg was going to allow them to use the church to meet on a three month trial basis.

Pamela says she is so thankful to the church and Chester Hightower for allowing this to happen. She said the people of the church are so lovely and because she has worked with a lot of them at school, she already knew most of them.

Being a Scout leader is not easy; there are a lot of requirements. You have to attend all district meetings, roundtable meetings and then report to the den leader, not to mention the fact that you are responsible for your pack as well.

When the boys make their rank, Pamela awards them with their badges then. She doesn’t wait for the Blue and Gold Banquet because they don’t always make it to the banquet.

Pack 441 has 12 active boys with 25 on the roster and is now chartered under Trinity United Methodist Church.

“I just love children, my Sunday School children, my school children, my grandchildren and my children. Children are my life,” said Pamela.

Pamela Halmon’s dedication to the children in Bamberg County speaks for itself.

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